A slap in the face & a pin in the butt

are not enough to cut my love short!

A stab in the back & a thump on the foot

would never convert my love to soot!

A venomous tongue with slanderous words

Would only strengthen my love cords!


What sort of love is this

That keeps it’s head high, even in the face of injustice?

It’s love that that does not relent, never bent, nor goes to its tent!

It’s love without bounds, don’t bother how it sounds!


“I would always love you

no matter the things you do

Sting me, fling me, refute me , abuse me

despise me, chastise me and even criticize me

My love for you still grows like bees producing honey”


So cries this kind of love

It’s difficult to find, for it was sent from above

Catch this love and life becomes sweet

For it will keep you smiling and shining your teeth


It’s love unrelenting, undying and unsinking.

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