Fighting Demons in Your Mind

Everyone has got it..

Paul calls it… The thorn in the flesh

I choose to call it.. The Demons in my mind.

They are those addictions,

The easily besetting sins

The habits you’ve prayed to God forever for,

The things you do in secret that you’re never ever ever going to be proud of.

It always brings guilt, shame, and that unpleasant feeling of being dirty and filthy.


How do we deal with these “demons”…?!

The question to actually ask is this…

How did these demons get in in the first place?

I’d tell you…

It’s through those portals that lead into our minds.. Our eyes, our ears, our senses….

Exposure is the mother of disease…. But also, the father of immunity!!!!

So we must become exposed to the one Thing that has the power to knock out those demons! And the exposure must be continuous and unending!!!

What’s that one Thing?

I bet you know it already…

It’s God’s Word… God’s powerful, infallible Word… It has the capacity to drive those demons out and keep them out forever… But we must be constantly, continuously and unendingly exposed to God’s Word to enjoy this…

I enjoin you today to take that bold step to chase out those demons today today!!! Don’t give them another day to stay…

Invite Gods Word into your mind and enjoy that peace and calmness that you’ve always longed for…

God bless you…


From Femi…

Your “demon-fighting” partner

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