Hurried Decisions

wp-1464617825418.jpgCome to think of it…
Did we make a mistake in choosing our wedding date???

Mike and I were born to be together.. Now I know that not so many of you agree with me, but the bond was just natural…
First, it was our names that tallied. I am Michelle, he was Mike… I’m sure you’re already like “Lols,… Yeah rite” and all, but beyond our names, everything seemed right from the very day Mike asked me out…
He was soft spoken, charming, yet firm. But what I loved the most about him was his undaunting nature. I remember one day in his car, we were caught up in traffic and these hoodlums came close. They brought out a gun (by the way, Mike had some military background so he could recognize real guns from fake ones)… O my Goodness, I nearly peed in my pants that evening. “Your money or your life”, one of them said, pointing the gun towards me… Mike had judged by the way the silly boys held the gun that these guys were amateurs (his words) and that the gun was fake.
Guess what my Superman Mike did? He parked the car right there in the middle of the road, came out and raised his hands up as if to surrender, but in a twinkle of an eye, both silly boys were on the floor with broken teeth and bones. He literally gave them the beating of a lifetime. By the time the police arrived, it was just to write statements and put handcuffs on the “silly boys”.
The following week, Mike proposed to me. We had been dating for about a year now, but I had known Mike for such a long time, like since high school. He wasn’t too much of a religious person and all, but he’d never miss church for anything. Also, he had no secrets, at least, none that I knew of.. That’s dumb of me right? I know. If he had secrets, I wouldn’t know them in the first place.

Everything was happening so fast that I didn’t even need to think. I jumped in excitement when he brought out the ring and asked with this sheepish look.. “Will you marry me?”

“Of course“, I screamed. What more could a girl like me ask for? Looks, cash, character, religious and top of it all, he was my Macho man. All the “both-families-getting-to-know-each-other” happened in less than two weeks. We got wedded exactly 6 weeks after Mike proposed. September 12, 2015

Our first night was….heavenly….
We were both Christians and you know all that keep-yourself-till-marriage-thing now, we tried to sha… Though I must confess, there were times when we nearly crossed the line…. But thank God, we waited.
First night syndrome…. It’s better experienced than explained.
Honeymoon was awesome… We had ours at Dubai… 3 weeks and we were back to Lagos, back to our normal lives… But this time, as a couple, not as individuals.

That was when I realized that I had lived in a dream all my single life. My definition of marriage was whacked!!! Very whacked!!!

To be continued tomorrow. Stay in touch.. Looking forward to your comments…:) just scroll down to drop them in the box below… Catchya tomorrow

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