Hurried Decisions II

I recall a few months before Mike proposed. We had been dating for like 6 months and I noticed something about Mike. He would always be like… “Michelle… Michelle… How many times have I told you not to….
This was Mike’s usual chant. It was either the way I brushed my hair, or the amount of perfume I used. Mike was sort of a perfectionist! 
Somehow, I could stand it when I first noticed it… At least, the Macho man in him was all i ever wanted…
But he had a way of rubbing things in that made it look like…. Smh…
Okay, let me give this example.
There was this day we were to go out together to a friend’s birthday. Patrick was Mike’s closest friend. Mike really wanted me to attend the party. He even bought me a lovely red evening gown for the occasion.
Now what was my offence…? I just wanted to do a little make up ..I ended up making us about 45 minutes late. Now I know that it might sound absurd if I say this but come on, isn’t that the average woman’s life? The men should learn to wait!  Apparently I got it all wrong. That was the day I saw Mike’s red eyes for the first time. Jeeezzz…I was scared he was going to tear me open with his words. Mike nagged and nagged all the way in the car that I ended up wishing I never agreed to go on the date. And though he knew he hurt my feelings, he never did apologize. To crown it all up, when Mike was asked to give a toast at the end of the party, he made it a point of duty to tell the crowd the reason “he” was late was because a “Friend of hishad just taken up makeup classes and decided that she would do her assignment today on her own face. My My My!!!
I was now boiling in anger and wished I could just break his head!!! Only for him to add that I really looked good at the end of the day….
Really!!! Making a joke of the whole matter!!! I smiled in Chinese!
You sure know what happened that night as we drove back. I gave him the “Silence Treatment“. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about right?! He came back begging… Lol… You think you can make a joke of me and go just like that… Mcheeew…I made him beg like a baby… For weeks, I didn’t pick his calls, I didn’t text back… I thought I had won!
When the whole storm calmed and he promised to turn a new leaf, I sha “took” him back, warning him sternly not to try such again.
Little did I know that “all na wash“. The chameleon just decided to choose the skin color I liked to make me feel comfortable with him.
I must also add that, maybe, just maybe Mike somewhat gave me signals that he wasn’t so much interested in the relationship… I had this feeling that he just needed the status of a married man to make his parents see him as responsible person. I never knew why he wanted that “responsible” status anyway, but I recall eavesdropping on a conversation he had with his Dad’s lawyer and I heard him saying something like… “Don’t worry, as soon as I’m married to Mitchelle, you’d get your share once Daddy sorts the bar
I wondered what it meant when he said sort the bar, but lest I get another sermon on how many times he had told me not to eavesdrop on his phone conversations, I just let the matter die.

As I type this story, I’m drunk with my own tears, filled with regrets, wishing i never met Mike, ever! I must have been so blind

So sorry for the delay in bringing the part 2. To be continued tomorrow soonest (I didn’t say tomorrow o :)) . Stay in touch.. Looking forward to your comments…:) just scroll down to drop them in the box below… Catchya tomorrow

10 thoughts on “Hurried Decisions II

  1. Wow! What could be the last straw that broke the camel’s back? #thinking. Guess I’ll have to wait to find out. Keep it up brotherly.


  2. Hmmm, hurried decisions indeed. Makes me think ‘but everyone isn’t perfect’. Waiting to know what really happens next. Well-done Engw Alakowe

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmmmm… That quote sums it up. I pray we heed the Lord’s warning and follow His leading. Cuz we ladies are always on the receiving end. Very lovely and real article. It had better come out tomorrow o! 😜


  4. Hmmmmmn
    This goes to show male-female friendships do not necessarily have to end in marriage.
    It’s also important to define relationships…
    Eagerly looking forward to the part 3


  5. “Love is not blind, it see but it doesn’t mind”… Just there, the reason we need God…
    Make I seewhr ds story go end.
    But wait ooo… Shey we no fit sensitize this ladies to speed up on make up and make over… So brothers just have to be hardworkingly patient.. It is well ooo… Grace Lord!!!


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