Hurried Decisions III

Mike! Mike!!!” I yelled his name down the street wearing my white strap shirt and the towel that was nearly falling off… I had just had my evening bath around 6:30pm…I held my green towel in one hand and I hurried off after Mike wearing two different flip-flop pieces. Anyone who saw me would think I was crazy. Mike reversed the car out of the house and turned to face the main road. I stood in front of the car, screaming and pleading with Mike. Then he parked, came out and gave me that look that I knew I dared not stay in front of that car long enough if I loved my life. He then entered back into the car and swerved off.
That was Mike, my Mike. He had turned out to be a demon that I dreaded, yet still loved. That was not the man I married. He was a totally different person. That day, I still remember the date very well, December 12, 2015, was just 3 months into our marriage.


Those 3 months were like hell on earth. Mike made my life unbearable. He first started by coming late from work a week after our honeymoon. I complained and he apologised, saying work was hectic and all, and then he came home late again the following day, this time, refusing dinner. His excuse? He was too bloated from lunch that was served at work. I gullibly said “no problem” and packed the food off the table. Then the next day, he didn’t even come home at all. It was a Friday and I didn’t see Mike till Tuesday evening. No call, no text message, no picking his calls, no reply of voice messages I left on his phone line though he listened to the Voice notes… NOTHING!!! I couldn’t stand it anymore. I called his friend, Patrick on Sunday. And Patrick laughed hard, telling me not to worry, that Mike was going to come back home soonest.
Tuesday evening came and Mike brushed into the house. Something in me wanted to confront him, but I said “let me give him the benefit of doubt to explain himself”. So I waited patiently for him to come into the bedroom. And the I got the most shocking response from my “husband”.
Sorry Dear, work called and it was quite busy I couldn’t call. I’d be leaving the country for the States in 30 minutes, I should be back in a month
Mike said all these without even looking into my face; he packed his bags hurriedly and off he went before I could recover from my semi-unconscious, shock-ridden state. I was still confused with tears rolling down my cheeks when my eyes stumbled on a note that Mike left for me on the edge of the bed. Those were the most heartbreaking words I ever read.
Mitchelle, I’m sure you’re puzzled about my recent behavior. Pardon me,… But let me be truthful to you. You’re nothing but a “pawn” to me, Yes, a daft pawn.
I married you for two reasons…. One was to prove a point to my parents that I could be responsible so I could get their blessings, but the second and more important one, was to win a 15 million naira bet I had with Patrick! He said I could never “get” you but I told myself I’d show him and I did.
Don’t even think of filing for a divorce because I already covered that track… Fake wedding papers aren’t so difficult after all, thanks to Dad’s lawyer. The mortgage for the house expires at month end.. Feel free to stay till then. And yeah, don’t even think of my parents, they never really liked you anyways. I’d look for something “nice” about you to tell them…
If there’s anything good about you…? Huuhhh… I’d say you were good in bed. That’s all… Apart from that, like I said earlier.. You were nothing but a pawn.
Am I sorry? Not at all. I guessed you should have seen it coming all along when I nagged at every opportunity. You closed your eyes to it right? Or should I say you were too blind to see… Not my fault”
If people do meet in the next world, I hope to meet you there.. You really brought me good luck in this world. Enjoy yourself Mitchie. Bye… From Mike”


My heart bled as the words jumped out at me. I raced and met Mike just driving out of the house… Every effort to stop him was in vain. My tears meant nothing to him… I chased him down the road in my white strap shirt and green towel. It was a wild goose chase.
I felt stupid, and used… Yes.. That’s the word… Used!!! Should I return to the house? Should I just go to my parents… They warned me, especially my mom.. She said he was too nice to be real…
Gosh…I feel wasted. I feel I should just end everything right now as I type these words…. What do I do….? Please help me… Tell me something… Please!!!!

Please drop a comment in the box. Mitchelle really needs help. She’s on the verge of ending it all…

Dedicated to all those ladies whose hearts have been wounded by callous guys… With love… EnGw Alakowe



7 thoughts on “Hurried Decisions III

  1. If u’r heart has been broken, Dats sad and I’m sorry but giving up on life is letting d guy win, the best way to deal with it is to find love again in d one dat can never hurt you, the one who gave it all to av you, yes believe it or not someone is deeply in love with you dat he gave Himself up just to save you, dat is Jesus, accept the love of God, forgive the guy(very impt) and take it one step at a time, the best is yet to come


  2. Eyah. Encourage urself in the Lord, dear. Forget Him and move on. Not too easy but God would strengthen u. Also, ask for God’s forgiveness because He might have been speaking during your courtship but you were too deaf to hear or disobeyed cos of Mike’s fake love. All shall be well. Move on and let go.


  3. hmmmm, dis world. I usually advise ladies that they should love with their heads and not their hearts. Don’t be blindfolded by love, shine those eyes well.


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