Mis’s we meet everyday!!!



Mistakes, Mischief, Misunderstanding, Mismatches, Misadventures, Misfortunes, Misbehaviours, Miscellaneous, Miscalculations, Miscreants and the list is endless…

But there’s one Miss that I’d never regret meeting… I’d so love to spend every second with….a minute from this Miss and I’m already missing Her

Soft spoken, sweet words!
Gentle, and so kind.
Loving and supportive.
Caring and attentive
Ready to listen, very sensitive!
She’s the One and Only Miss that I’m never afraid to roll with, anyday 🙂

I’m sure you’re longing to meet her already… She’s an awesome beauty… Her name is…. AweRacle (pronounced as Oracle….not Aah-we-racle o)

And today, she’s starting her blog….I adjure you all,..please check out the site with immediate effect!!!


You’d be glad you did!…

And to my One and Only Miss, soon to be Mrs…I’d always love you by His grace…
Thanks a lot for coming into the blog world!!!

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