Tales By Tuesday 

Tell me the story of the lion, tell me the story of the bear. Tell me the story of the python, tell me the story of the hare

As Kimi read the story book,  you could hear the squeaky tone in her tiny voice. The tone of fear running through her spine, sending shivers down every nerve cell in her body.  Such fear that made her tongue taste like death and her fingers numb like cold frosts. What was the story that gripped this young girl so bad that even Miss Clara, her Primary 4 teacher, couldn’t shake off the feeling from her. Her face had become so pale and her pink lips were turning blue already. Call it a panic attack or whatever. This story was scary as hell. 

Little Kimi, really scared

It was the story of a Lion, the ferocious king of the animals, whose subjects were pleading to pay less taxes and for one reason or the other, he refused to listen to them. And when any of them confronted him, he tore them up by the jugular and had them for lunch. I’m sure you’re expecting the tortoise to come in and save the day with his proverbial wisdom. Well, that didn’t happen in Kimi’s story book. 
Instead, one by one, the lion ate all the animals. The hyena, the bear, the crocodile, the chimpanzee, all of them but one! Himself of course. And when he had no subjects left to eat, he began eating his cubs. 

This was the part of the story that got Kimi really scared.  “He ate his own children?” she asked Miss Clara in tears as the class followed the story.  “No! He shouldn’t have done that!” she added with more tears. 

And that was the beginning of the day’s lesson. “What should he have done?” Miss Clara asked the class,  though looking with peering eyes at JohnBull, the class bully. “I… I..  I wouldn’t know, Miss Clara” he replied with a shuddering voice that knew that the story was meant to point a finger at him.

“I wouldn’t know, Miss Clara”

The story had a twist though. One day, one of the lions cubs decided she had had enough. And so she fought her dad and ended up killing him  And then travelled to another kingdom and guess what,  she became just as “bullyish” as her dad was.
The lesson of this story is…” Miss Clara told her pupils 

say NO to bullying. And if you’ve been bullied before,  that doesn’t mean you too should turn out to be a bully”

JohnBull was made to apologize to the whole class for his unruly behavior..and particularly to Kimi for spilling her lunchbox earlier during break. 

And the class lived happily ever after. 


Thousands and thousands of children,  teenagers and even adults are subjects of the “lions” in our society. But daily, one tiny cub rises and defeats these lions only to become a worse tyrant that the first.  

Let’s attack this issue of bullying very well.  It comes in different forms. Physical, verbal, emotional, political, cyberbullying (on Whatsapp groups and the likes), office bullying, amongst others and it damages an integral part of our lives. Our ego, our self esteem. Let’s fight bullying. But let’s not become bullies in the end.  
Say No to Bullying. Share this on your respective social media platforms. Give someone a voice to confront the bullies and remind them not to turn out to be what they once criticized

Be a Buddy, not a Bully

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See you right here tomorrow for #WordsOnWednesday… Poetry unleashed like never before. 
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