So disappointed by the eventuals of the day

Hoping for an empty danfo

with its choking smell

The struggle of a hiked bus fare

Hoping for an empty danfo

But in the midst of it

I still manage a friendly gesture

I compliment the beautiful lady

She looks so stressed,

standing alone at the bus stop


Though hiked as expected

a bus finally arrives

But not as comfy as I would prefer

The heat rolls up

Leaving me to take off my sexy jacket

My only “impression” ticket



The usual silence enveloped the bus

Everyone forming speechless

Sad scene suddenly smashes stability

“Petrol af finish” the driver says without any remorse

“Oh! Wale get us diesel” he screamed


The emergence of Wale

The making of a star

From a nameless conductor

To a track and field celebrity

bolting to and fro the filling station faster than Bolt

he gave me only five minutes

Wale, sweating heavily, arrives in record time

My day just got lit up

The disappointment turns out

To be a laughter spree

Conversation springs up

Interests match

I finally get a side-hug as we get off.

And her number too


Keji and Yinka… Our Best man and Best lady

Oh..  I nearly forgot to mention

The something-light crew

Keji n Yinka,

Our Best man and Best Lady

They made it a day to remember


PS… We’re married already

With three wonderful kids


By Jotedor

 A friend and brother who loves at all times

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