Charcoal Black, she was…and beautiful too

Charcoal black, years back
when mother with black

soap did bathe her.

In the mask of the bright yellow sun

beautiful black

pearl she shone

just like the dotless face of the iron,

opaque mirror smeared with oil.

Shea butter smear gave great joy days before she cast eyes

on the fair goddesses of America.
Now dung’s better to touch and gulp

than mother’s shea butter.

Its smokey nutty smell invokes an allergic uproar

in her intestines.

Gastric content spills with reckless abandon

from her blood-red-coloured lips.

She is alien now, faded

glory, borrowed sto-

ry. Only her knuckles can tell

the true story

-she was.

Only her knuckles can tell the true story now


Ibukun Abraham 

A quiet lady full of words (and action); a follower of Christ


I’m no racist… But skin bleaching damages the skin and predisposes to other medical conditions like renal failure…

Be Black. Be Bold. Be Beautiful

Be White. Be Warm. Be Wonderful

All in all… Be You! And FOLLOW THE BLOG 

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