Damsel in Distress 

Damsel in Distress

I’ve got a Story this lovely Saturday and it’s a beautiful series this time. The sad thing is that I’m actually writing because I’m vexed! I’m so vexed right now that if you give me a billion dollars right now, Imma reject it real quick because of the way I’m vexed. Let’s get to my story asap. I’m waiting for the dollars o! 

“Funke!  Funke!!” Grandma called out to her little princess in a sweet motherly voice. She was just 4 years old, a product of the usual. Her mom, Folashade, was far away in Bodija, Oyo State, serving her fatherland. Her dad, on the other hand, was enjoying his life with the woman of his dreams. He had dumped Shade after the deed was done. After all, “na chop and clean mouth the two of them agree”. Let’s take you back to Shade and Victor’s story…  We’d be back to Funke soonest!


Love had never been sweeter back then. But the eye of retrospect, they say,  sees everything clesrly. Hindsight is always 20/20. Shade was struck with lightning literally the moment she set her eyes on Vic. Well, he wasn’t tall, dark or handsome. In fact, he was short and ugly. But he was sweet, kindhearted and always had the right words. And if you had told her that she would one day regret the decision of letting him into her bed, she would have bet her mother’s engagement ring on it.

“Victor Onosibor, that’s his name” Shade told Simi, her roommate and bestie. They were two inseparable friends who went everywhere together and shared secrets even the Priest couldn’t hear. “So you’re now a stalker, Shade”, Simi replied with a tone that told Shade that someone was jealous. That should have been the warning sign. In a few weeks, with enough woman tactics and playing available, Victor finally noticed her and he didn’t dull at all. He knew she was into him the day they had their first date and trust you,  the date ended in a rumpy ride in Shade’s hostel. Nothing much had happened though there was some mouthfuls and handfuls when Simi stepped in. She was so disgusted and she just walked out.

“Shade,  don’t you have some shame? Even if you guys were going to do something, couldn’t you go to his place” Simi yelled moments after Victor had left. The night ended with the two roommates getting back along,  sharing jokes about how nice his body felt and how thick his six packs were. At least, Simi noticed that before Victor hurriedly wore his shirt and left the apartment. They were truly besties.

Shade and Victor soon became the talk of the faculty. He was in final year and she was in 200 level. But the love was hotter than hell. They were beginning to get along when things got a little bit twisted. Victor’s roommate got into the picture. Let’s just say that Simi’s feelings for Victor were the same feelings Tunde had for Shade. And Tunde was as desperate as the devil himself that he swore to get Shade by all means and Simi was his partner in crime. After all,  if she couldn’t have Vic, Shade wouldn’t either.

The stage was set for the biggest heartbreak in the history of the faculty of Arts,  University of Benin.  Shade had begun to feel dizzy and she had done a blood pregnancy test at the school clinic and it was positive. To the doctor’s surprise, she was so excited and she knew Victor would be too. Hadn’t they started planning how to spend their lives together as an awesome couple. She had even thought it through. She’d probably have an extra year but nothing mattered when one is head over heels in love. She couldn’t wait to share this good news with Victor but decided quickly that her roommate would be the first to get the gist. 

Shade was so excited at the news 

Dashing straight to her hostel on the outskirts of town, she met the unbelievable. As you would expect, Victor was in bed with no other person than Simi. And the sounds Shade heard from the door made her know that it was not an accidental event nor a rape situation. She couldn’t bear entering the room.  She would rather live with the thoughts than with the sight.

She decided she’d go wait for him at his apartment and give him a real piece of her mind when he gets back from cheating on her. Little did he know that the sneaky roommate Tunde was just waiting for her at that most vulnerable moment. Offering her a drink,  he seduced her easily. She was drunk,  but fully conscious. Maybe she consented because she wanted to pay Victor back with his own coin,  or maybe Tunde had put some aphrodisiac in the drink he offered her. Whatever the situation was, she was in it with her senses and she went for it all through. Victor got back to find his roommate in bed with his girlfriend and what could he do?  He was a cheater too…

Did Shade keep the baby?  Definitely. Funke was the baby. 9 months was such a short time, enough time to carry a pregnancy to term and enough time for 2 semesters to pass you by.  Shade was traumatized, she nearly dropped out of school but thanks to her supportive mother,  she pulled through the experience. An extra year was her price to pay and she paid it well.

You could be sure of one thing,though. Victor denied the pregnancy! He had graduated by the time Shade resumed  lectures back so it was relatively easy to get by. But she swore she was not going to live with Simi anymore. She’d rather live on the streets then with such a sly friend. She soon got another place to stay closer to school and soon, Shade was in her final year.

Funke would often fall ill and was later diagnosed as having Sickle Cell anemia. Such stupidity and naivety on Shade’s part right? Didn’t she know all along that Victor was of the same AS genotype as she was? It appeared that life was out to teach her a good lesson and one would have thought that she had learnt well.

Funke, always falling ill

But when Fred came into the picture, Shade didn’t see the telltale signs that this was another Victor, just a taller one.
What will happen to Shade this time?  Find out in the next episode. Only on EnGw.blog


By Alakowe

…writing stories since Adam and Eve

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