Green, Blue, Green Again! 

A fire, burning within

​There’s a fire that burns from within me

Its flames like a volcano spitting

fierce magma that makes my heart ponder;

How did we get to this point? I begin to wonder.
Once upon a time in our land,

Dollar could only compete with a few kobo

And the Naira was no match for it.

Graduating from the University,

Mehnn, you are a celebrity

with loads of opportunities

that reward your hustle

after your 4+ years of struggle.

But now the case is different,

You can’t get any chance without sweat

To avoid this, just be the best

Or have some serious “connect”.
We are beautifully endowed

But so very renowned

for the scarcity of what we have;

We are the fourth largest crude oil producing nation,

But we cannot boast of any refinery but fuel stations.

This soil that brought us forth

is lost in the realms of ethnicity.

Our unity is lost but found in place

when it’s time to share the national cake.

Scarcity in Plenty, a Paradox

And then we start blaming?

It’s time we stop playing the blame game

and stop calling the “innocent” government an evil name.

Coz this government is innocent

of all the atrocities we claim they committed;

Please, is it a crime to buy & sell?

It is simply called business.

They give so little,

to get the greatest right we have;

Our votes!

And we still fall for their lies “in quote”.

For the sake of peanuts,

And “poverty-prospering”, “poverty-ending” schemes,
You leave your business,

carrying posters without common sense,

Standing in the scorching sun,

to hear the same campaign drum

beat and make empty sounds

and promises that make you drown

in the ocean of their overwhelming lies.

The voice of ignorance then says to your already jilted heart –

“This time it will be different”.

Instead of Us to shut our doors

and tell them to make amends

We take their stipends

and get robbed over & over again.

Nigeria is loosing her vigour,

Bleeding all her life & colour,

Corruption has substituted dignity & honour.

She’s bleeding her green

And turning blue, She’s cyanosed,

She’s awake but dead asleep,

She’s comatosed.

We are gradually becoming lifeless and worthless,

This crazy process can be halted

When we set the pace to restore our progress.

She’s Cyanosed! Save her please!

By seeing beyond tribalism,

Understanding we are from the same origin,

Sperm & egg fused in Unism,

That we contain the same cells with no difference

except in the illusion of our minds

It’s time to face realism

and stop the plagiarism

of the western culture and slave mentality

that was never ours in the first place;

We were first a people but made into slaves.

and ignorance was the base

for our oppression in those days

But now, it should no longer be the case.

Wake up!

Stand up!!

Speak out!!!

Coz we’ve been taken for a ride.

It’s time to restore our pride

And take our place,

As the trigger of the Gun – Africa,
And become the Giant that we truly are.


One Nation.. Green White Green



…words unlimited 

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