Principles for Ideal Living 

Don’t allow what people say about you dictate how you live. It’s just their perception about you. Don’t forget that there is a huge difference between perception and truth. 

The only truth that you must live by is the word of God. 

Inside of you waiting to be released is everything good that God has created you to be. What are you doing about it ? 

If you stick your head in the sand and ignore things that you have power to change, don’t blame anyone when they don’t turn out to be good !

God will guide you, but only you can take the first step on the exciting journey, known as the rest of your life.

There is more life in your life. You could be more fulfilled, if you took courage to make some minor adjustments and reposition a few neglected parts.

To attain a certain level in life you must be a thinker, a planner and a worker. Are you tired of the level you are ? 

Think! Think out an idea!! Plan and work the plan!!! 

Most times, the things you are afraid of are actually afraid of you.

Look beyond your fear and remember, you can only correct what you can confront.

Learn to interpret and respond to life according to your own course and destination; not someone else’s. 

We may be on the same path, but that doesn’t mean we are headed for the same destination. 

Fighting what you could learn from locks your potentials for growth. 

Don’t stop learning, no matter who the lessons are from because through learning you grow and become better.


 Ozegbe Princess Naomi. 

..Principles for Ideal Living Agent.

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