Funny? Definitely! 

It’s Friday. Freestyle Friday. Fun Friday And Freebies Friday! 

Let’s get laughing already as we look through these heroes who have cracked our ribs through our television screens from Nollywood. Lookout for the freebies at the end of the article.

They are Nollywood’s Funniest!

Sam Loco Efe

The late veteran actor was a legend in comedy movies. The actor featured in over 100 comedy movies before his death. Sam Loco was popular for ‘Long John’, ‘Games Fools Play’, ‘Old Cargo’ amongst others. Was he always drunk in movies? His mixture of his dialect and English language always cracked us up.  RIP Pa Sam.

Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme (Aki and Paw-paw)


These two made growing up fun. They got the name Aki and Paw-paw from a comedy movie ‘Aki na Ukwa’. These two hilarious actors always act movies together, just in some rare cases that they act separate movies. Movies they have acted include ‘Spanner’, ‘The Johnsons’, ‘Magic Cap’, ‘Jack and Jill’. ‘One Good Turn’, ‘Baby Police’, ‘Mirror Boy’, ‘The Johnsons’ amongst others. I recently found out that they’re old enough to be called Big Bros or even Uncle! 

Funke Akindele (Jenifa)

From her ‘Jenifa’ days, the AMVCA award- winning actress has remained one of the most entertaining female comedy actresses to watch. Funke’s is also popular for ‘Maami’, ‘Married but Living Single’, ‘Sherikoko’ and her Jenifa Diaries. But when you’re looking for the Queen of Nollywood comedy,  I’d give it to her anyday

John Okafor (Mr Ibu)

John is most popular for the movie ‘Mr Ibu’ which earned him the name ‘Mr Ibu’. Mr Ibu is popular for films such as ‘Sherikoko’, ‘Limpopo Master’, ‘Sweet Mama’, the ‘Mr Ibu’ movies, amongst many other interesting movies. And more recently, social media memes are not complete without an exclamation from Mr Ibu.

Bishop Imeh Umoh (Okon)

The Akwa Ibom born actor is popular for his funny on-screen voice. The actor earned the name ‘Okon’ from his movie ‘Okon goes to School’. Bishop has also featured in movies like ‘In the Cupboard’, ‘Jump and Pass’, ‘Okon in Lagos’ amongst many others. Looking for Calabar vibes in a movie, just look for Okon.

Hafiz Oyetoro (Saka)

Hafiz Oyetoro a.k.a Saka is one actor popularly known for comedy. He played in the much celebrated TV comedy soap, House Apart, and others. He is on a N20 million per annum contract with telecoms giant, MTN and he was contracted for 5 years. Just his face alone gets me giggling. Sir,  I duff my hat o. Can I get a little out of the twenty million?



Now tell me,  who’s your funniest actor/actress in Nollywood?  

PS: Comment below in the comments section and stand a chance to win recharge cards this weekend. 3 random comments will be selected.  Comments after midnight wouldn’t be counted!!!! (Remember to add your whatsapp contact!!!)

3 thoughts on “Funny? Definitely! 

  1. Well……..maybe not Hollywood but Frank Dunga has my respect! Especially with the dumb face he pulls. Haha



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