Damsel in Distress (3)

It’s another Saturday again and I hope the weekend is treating you well…  Here’s our Saturday Story to add a bit of flavor to your weekend. 

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So let’s get to Part 3 already…  

Heaven! That’s your name?” Shade asked in great amazement. 

“Yes” he replied,  with a broad smile. 


Shade has finished school,  dumped Pastor Fred for good after he threatened her with visions of Funke’s death if she refused to do his bidding. And what were those biddings? “God” had told her to marry him that weekend. 

He must be out of his mind. They had just graduated from school and we’re posted to different states for the NYSC program and all he could think of was marriage? And even if she were to marry him, would that be the best way to propose? Using her daughter’s health to manipulate her? To heck with him and his “god“. 
It appeared that Shade had wised up and come to know that God is not a wicked God who plays marriage games with a sick child’s health. Thank God she realized this early. Funke was now getting better as it turned out that she was actually HbSc and not HbSS. Medical jargons but the doctors say she’d have less crises than the typical sicklers and that she just needed to avoid her known triggers.  
It was at orientation camp that Shade got to know God deeply and this realization opened her eyes and made her see how Fred was such a perverted, though anointed person. He had used the gift of God he had and the information she gave to him about her family to exploit her emotionally.

Good riddance to bad rubbish”, Shade thought to herself as she deleted his contact from her phone after giving him a don’t ever call me shut down over the phone.


Heaven,  you said?“, Shade asked again to be sure she heard right. His smile was as broad as ever. He was used to getting such reactions from people whenever they heard his name for the first time.  His parents though; how could they have named him Heaven. Well, they definitely made a superstar of him with that name. 
Heaven had “ladies-man” written all over him; nice guy, but ladies man. And if there was one thing that Shade hated, it was competition. She’d rather die single than share her man. But Heaven was persistent. Very persistent. Here was Shade in a state where she knew no one, ready to serve her fatherland, and there was Heaven, willing to be a friend. 

Heaven was very persistent

Truth is, Shade was experienced enough to know the drill. Victor’s sweet-mouthedness and Fred’s kind ears had taught her that every “good guy” had the potential to be SCUM! But she was willing to love again. Only that she was super cautious this time. She wouldn’t disclose any information beyond necessary to Heaven and over the space of the one-year NYSC program, she was willing to see if Heaven was the good guy he claimed to be. 
He understands me well” she told her friend Toke. “In fact, we’re currently contributing money together for feeding monthly,  you know I can cook very well and he always complements my cooking” she said gullibly. She was beginning to let her guards down and Toke could see this right through her eyes. 

What are his plans for you Shade? What about those other ladies? He couldn’t even buy you cake on your birthday, is he that broke?” Toke went on and on with  myriads of questions and she was beginning to irritate Shade. 

Wasn’t Heaven a corper like both of them, managing to survive on #19,800? At least he took her out and bought her sharwama on her birthday.  Little did Toke know that Heaven and Shade were not only already eating from the same pot, but she was already spending nights in his room at the corpers’ lodge . 

We didn’t do anything o” she defended herself when Toke asked her about it. “He only cuddled me all night and it felt so warm, he’s such a gentleman, he brought me breakfast in bed this morning” she retorted sillily. 
And who cooked the food he brought you? Was it not the jollof rice you cooked last night? Babe, shine your eyes,  this guy is just a brokeass” “he has nothing to offer you” Toke pointed out. 
And what did Victor offer me? What did Fred offer me?” Shade broke down in tears. She was at wits end and just wanted to love and be loved back.

Shade’s mind was made up. Whether Heaven was the Mr Right for her or not,  she was ready to play along. Whether or not he had something to offer, whether or not he treated her good like a woman, whether or not he “played” with other ladies, she just desperately wanted to love that she was willing to love for two. 

Soon, all those “God” lessons she learnt months back were fizzling out. Heaven and her hot more intimate and boooommmm! She got pregnant for him. It was a few weeks to the end of the service year. He told her he was willing to spend the rest of his life with her. He even planned a proposal but she said to take things slow. “Let’s get to know each other’s families” Shade said,  but Heaven constantly evaded that request, claiming that he’d take her home after the Passing Out Parade (POP) . 


  • Heaven absconded after POP
  • Shade is now a mother of two and has sworn never to get married again.
  • Funke’s is doing well in school and her little brother, Dayo’s is as sweet as ever. 
  • And worst of all, Toke and Heaven are happily married 

“Truly, all men are SCUM”, says Shade

Are all men SCUM?

Do you agree with her? 

Would you blame Victor or Fred or Heaven for treating her bad? 

Or would you blame her for allowing herself to be treated that way? 

Or would you be like me and say “Such is life”

Please drop your comments below… No recharge cards today o.. Lol!!! 
Disclaimer: This Story, though based on true events, is purely fictional. Any resemblance/similarities to anyone whether living or dead is merely coincidental.


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