15 Things you didn’t know about BEDBUGS

If there is one species of animals that I hate so much, it’s the Bedbugs. They are a menace and threat to human existence. In fact, I believe their can survive anywhere and in any environment. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw them crawling on the internet one day. They are bad like that. 

BedBugs are the Bad Guys

But here are 15 things you probably didn’t know about these guys..

  1. Bedbugs cannot fly: Although equipped with wing pads, they’re   vestigial (useless)
  2. They cannot jump, unlike the flea.
  3.  They move or run very fast, like the ant; especially when trying to escape.
  4.  They cannot climb smooth surfaces
  5. They give out an annoying odor when crushed (This is the part I hate the most)
  6. They feed exclusively on human blood.
  7. They have the ability to go into hibernation for up to A Year without feeding
  8. They stay, live or hide in areas that are tight, dark, warm and really difficult to access; coming out only to feed.
  9. They pass out their excreta around where they live and feed (so dirty of them)
  10. They reproduce very fast (especially when they get enough food) and can easily infest a whole building, if care is not taken.
  11. They live in clusters
  12. Bedbugs are not vectors: that is, they are not known to either carry or transfer any disease causing pathogen. (Thank God!)
  13. They are very adaptable; even developing resistance to pesticides and insecticides (See why I hate them the more)
  14. They are mostly active at night; although they also feed during the day. (Sounds like witchcraft)
  15. Bedbug infestation is not necessarily a sign of poor hygiene, but they thrive more in dirty environments.


They can do and undo

If you’re like me,  I’m sure you’re looking for ways to completely eradicate them (if they still live in your house).

The bad news is that you cannot send bed bugs packing, you have to kill them!
Whichever method you resort,whether chemical or non-chemical methods of fumigation, always remember this

They’re gonna be back! 

Except you keep a close eye on them and keep a clean environment, be ready to live with these guys for a long time.


Fatunwase Adesina 

…A Guest Contributor for EnGw

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