Born To Die (2)

Whao, it’s Saturday again and we’re here with our story Series.  In case you missed the first episode, here it is…

Born to Die (1)
Let’s get to Part 2 quickly..

Mercy, since yesterday now I don dey ask you say wetin happen, you no gree talk. Hmm… I no want gbeke o. If any kasala burst now, you know say your mind no fit carry am“. Tina did all she could to get the word out of Mercy.  She was surprised at her attitude. Just last night she came into the room scared and she was already packing her load.  Was she traveling or what? Just as she was about asking her troubled friend what the matter was, she heard a big bang on the door.

Hands up everybody.  Mercy Okoli, you are under arrest for the murder of Senator Ibrahim and you have a right to remain silent as anything you say or do can be used against you in the court of law. You have a right to an attorney and if you cannot afford one, one would be provided for you“. It was as if the Policeman crammed everything he just said.

Tina stood there shocked as she watched her friend being carted away into the black hilux van outside. Trust the neighbors. They were already gathered and gossiping about the incident. “All these girls“… “so na she kill that senator wey them show for news yesterday night“.  Small talk and gists flew around like mosquitoes as the policemen drove Mercy off. It was a complete shame.

Alagbon Police Station 

Interrogation Room
Young woman, you were at the murder scene and I put it to you that you either killed the Senator or you know who did” Detective James said to Mercy

and how can you prove that?” a male voice said from outside the door.  Detective John turned back to see who it was. He was their worst nightmare. Barrister Clement came into the interrogation room. “Good day officers, I am Barrister Ighodogo Clement, from the Office of the Public Defender and I will like to have a few minutes alone with my client

The two detectives shrugingly left the room, with James muttering what sounded like “Ashewo dey get lawyer?
Clement was Mercy’s senior from high school and had been working with the Office of the Public Defender for two years as a defense attorney.  Her name caught his eye when the murder case file was brought to his office and he pleaded with his boss to assign him to the case.
I would kindly request that my client be granted bail in line with due process” Clement told the detectives after discussing with Mercy. This was an easy case and he was confident about it.

Impossible” John said immediately
And why is that If I may ask?” “this arrest is unlawful and you have nothing to prove that my client was at the crime scene last night. And even if she was, you have nothing to prove that she killed the victim. Do your homework well detectives, before going about using taxpayers money to arrest innocent citizens” Clement was as blunt as he was calm in speaking to the detectives. In no less than 20 minutes, Mercy was out of the Police Station.
Thank you so much Clement, God bless you” Mercy said with tears in her eyes. “It’s not over yet, Mercy,  there’s still a murder case and you can help us crack it” Clement replied.
Clement was kind enough to drop Mercy at her Jibowu house. Mercy got the shocker of her life when she got to the door. Tina had packed Mercy’s bags and dropped them at the doorstep with a note saying only two words “Bye Bye“.

How could she be so heartless? Where did Tina expect her to go. Her saving grace was that Clement was still outside trying to reverse his car.  She ran to him and told him her plight. He simply said with a smile “hop in Mercy“.

And so Clement saved the day.

The next three months saw Mercy in and out of police stations and courtrooms. The media had a full grasp of the story and Mercy’s face was all over newspapers and social media.

Hooker kills Senator and walks free
Call-Girl in Murder Business

Senator gets “LAID” to death 

Those were the headlines and they were witchhunting Mercy well. She had to resort to staying indoors at Clement’s apartment most of the time. She began to wonder as the case dragged whether Clement was really going to get her through this? Or was he just another guy interested in what he could gain from her?

Find out next time on

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