Your Hands Can Save You

Doctors and patients get scared whenever there is an outbreak of an infectious disease. Today it’s monkey pox; months back it was Lassa fever and Meningitis; some years ago it was Ebola.

We are constantly barraged by infectious diseases and the truth remains that we cannot overemphasize the need for personal hygiene, especially regular handwashing.

Your hands can save you

So today on EnGw, we are advocating to everyone to please stay safe. Endeavor to WASH YOUR HANDS regularly 

Please click here to see how to wash your hands appropriately 

We do not want to raise any unnecessary alarms about Monkeypox, but if you notice any suspicious rash, please report to the nearest facility. To know more about Monkeypox, click here and here too

Kindly share this information with friends and family. Let’s keep ourselves she in these “infectious” times
Dr Osunlusi 

MBBS Lagos 

One thought on “Your Hands Can Save You

  1. Wow!! Great information. I’ve never washed my hands that way before… Thanks for the information about Monkey pox too.


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