Born to Die (3)

Whao, the story is continuing today.  In case you missed the last two episodes,  here they are 

Born to Die (1)

Born to Die (2)

To think that the very people we love and give our all to are the ones that end up backstabbing us. That Policeman, what’s that his name again,  yes, CSP Okanlawon, Chai! That man was a regular customer at the joint o. He used to even spend money that you’d think his name was Owolabi. Now the same Okanlawon the one who ordered them to arrest me. And to think that even Mama Cita didn’t come to my rescue. Mama Cita that always said that if any of us gets into any trouble, we should call her right away. Wasn’t that why we were paying our dues. So all the monthly 50k we were paying all these years were just going into her pocket. This corruption is everywhere. I’m so on my own now o”

Mercy!!!” Clement interrupted her abruptly. She had been talking to herself for close to 20 minutes and hadn’t noticed when he came in. She was truly under so much pressure and he could only feel pity for her. But he was curious about something he heard her say while she was soliloquising
Mercy, who is Mama Cita?
Mercy’s face shrunk with fear as though he had mentioned the name of the devil’s archangel. She went on to explain to him that as prostitutes, they had a secret association that helped them get higher-paying clients and also promised them insurance in the event of any trouble. She pleaded with him not to get her involved in this case as she was very connected and could get her killed at any time. Clement just told her with his usual smile “Don’t worry Mercy, everything will be fine”

But Clement was familiar with that name. Mama Cita was involved in a previous case he had handled. It was the case of child trafficking to Italy and he remembered clearly that she had bribed her way out of getting a sentence. This was his opportunity to nail her down if she had any involvement in this case. He quickly made a call to the private investigator who was working with them at the Office of the Public Defender. Mr Wako was the kind of person you’d call when a lawyer needs information that can only be gotten from the streets. He was extremely resourceful. In less than two days, Mr Wako had given Clement more than he asked for. 

Investigation revealed that Mrs Ibrahim, the wife of the deceased, was a member of the Lagos Elite Women’s Club. And guess who was the treasurer of the club? Mama Cita. This was an open link. Mercy had told Clement that she had gotten a call earlier on the day of the incident from Mama Cita on the venue of the hotel. She didn’t follow Senator Ibrahim there as the hotel receptionist had falsely narrated. And when she opened the door, she saw the Senator lying dead in his hotel room. She fled out immediately in shock. Could it be that Mama Cita had planned the Senator’s death? 

As Clement tried to solve the mystery, he kept hitting brick walls. The receptionist had given a different story and it was her word against Mercy’s. Could it be that the receptionist was part of the whole plan? Mr Wako’s call came in again at the nick of time. Street ears had it that the receptionist was seen at Senator Ibrahim’s residence the day before the incident happened. 
Everything was becoming clearer in Clement’s head. He had a theory for the Senator’s murder. 

Mrs Ibrahim must have had information that her husband wasn’t the faithful man he was and she must have discussed it with her friends at her Club and Mama Cita must have told her that she knows how to catch him red-handed. But maybe Mrs Ibrahim didn’t want to catch her husband, maybe she wanted to punish him instead. So she connived with the receptionist to kill her husband and frame Mercy up

It didn’t make sense to Clement but that was all he could put together at the moment. He went on to discuss his theory with his senior partners at the office and they had some insight for him. “Look for the murder weapon and you’d find the murderer” Barrister Clark told him.  Clark was close to becoming a Senior Advocate and murder cases were his specialty. Quickly, Clement got Mr Wako a warrant to search the Ibrahim’s residence and contacted Detectives J and J on his suspicions. 

That was when the balloon began to burst. A .44 Magnum handgun was sitting right in Mrs Ibrahim’s bedroom, the same type of gun the pathologist said was used to kill the victim after sending the bullet found in the Senator’s head for forensic ballistics testing. Mrs Ibrahim immediately got defensive when questioned about the gun and said she wouldn’t speak to anyone unless her lawyer was present. All she said was that it was her husband’s registered gun. Period! 

With Mrs Ibrahim refusing to speak or confess, Clement was left to unravel why she might have killed her husband. A call came in again at the nick of time.  This time,  it was the insurance company with which Senator Ibrahim was registered recently. A life insurance worth 850million naira was what the Senator was worth if he died.  Clement had enough to build a case against Mrs Ibrahim. But he still didn’t have any witnesses to prove that she pulled the trigger. 

Detectives J and J were very surprised at the turn of events surrounding the Senator’s death.  They looked through their come scene witnesses’ statements again and then the spotlight went to the receptionist. Could it be that she was telling a lie? They called her in for further interrogation and this time she had a different narration.  She claimed that she saw Mercy going in alone to the Senator’s room and coming out in a hurry. She was beginning to contradict her initial statement. When asked if she saw Mrs Ibrahim at the hotel that night,  she hesitantly said  “No“. 

Young lady, Mrs Ibrahim has told us that she hired you to kill her husband. We don’t believe her yet but we think she might be trying to frame you for a crime she committed” Detective James said, using his usual tactic of creating doubts in suspects’ minds to get them to confess. 
That was when the receptionist opened a can of worms that even the two detectives found difficult to believe. 

Who exactly killed the Senator? 

The story continues on Saturday, here on…  Catchya

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