You were the runner boy

The star of the loner girls

You were every girl’s crush

You decided to make your choice


Pretty girl, beautiful one unfortunately so naive

She wasn’t really your fan but your pleas so coercive

She chose to accept since you seemed so sincere

I hope she doesn’t loathe you as you’ve become a nightmare


During those winter days you showed up in her bed

Those cold and rainy days you curdled her up to the head

You pretended like you cared; you didn’t want her a cold

Like you wanted to give her warmth, you took off her clothes


You gave her something she didn’t ask for

And helplessly yours met with hers

Now she bears the result of the union

Maybe Festus would be a name for the foetus


Ah lover-boy, would you always be a runner-boy

For now that a protrusion alters your lady’s beauty

You choose to take to your heels you this runner boy

When will you no longer be a boy but a man who takes responsibility


Your aged mother rejoices for her son has made a her a granny

Why not complete her joy by choosing to be a good daddy

Look, the pretty girl you turned baby mama and nanny

Now waits hoping you would once again call her honey


Lover-boy Runner-boy come see your baby-boy

His eyes and face exactly yours; God does perfect jobs

You better make a U-turn forget those ladies you’re trying to rub

Before this baby-boy grows up becoming a bigger coy



Ibukun Abraham

A quiet lady full of words (and action); a follower of Christ

PS.  In case you missed the story yesterday,  here’s a link it (Born to Die-3)

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