Magic or Miracle 

It’s a beautiful Thursday and we’d be looking at a special Teaching from the Scriptures. 

Magic or Miracle

You must have read of the story of the Egyptians and the Israelitesat the Red Sea. But let’s quickly refresh our memories. 

Moses reluctantly agreed to deliver the Israelites from their Egyptian slavelords after a major face-off with God (Exodus 3 and 4). Finally, they are out of Egypt, into the wilderness, on the way to the land flowing with milk and honey but, the Egyptians came after them! They were stuck in between the Red Sea and the Egyptians. However, God did not forget his people. He was with them all along.
When Moses lifted his staff over the sea as the Lord had instructed him to, one would have thought the Red Sea would split almost immediately. But no, it did not! 

It took all night for it to split by a strong East wind. Yes, all night!(Exodus 14: 21-22)

Human thinking usually expects magic. We want immediate solutions to life’s challenges. Of course, there is nothing wrong in wanting instant answers to problems. At least, Jesus performed a lot of miracles while on earth that were followed by instantaneous testimonies-the lame walking, Lazarus’ resurrection, feeding of the five thousand, Jesus calming the storm on the sea, and so on. 

But some were not instantaneous; they required some process- for example, healing of the blind at Bethsaida (Mark 8: 22-25, John 9). He could have healed him just like He did to two blind men in Matthew 9:27-30, or just saying it-“your sight be restored!’’ Simple, isn’t it? But no, He did not. Instead, Jesus took him out of town, spat  hid hands and used it to rub his eyes, then asked him if he could see. Still the man didn’t see well at first. So Jesus had to put his hands on his eyes again. Then the man could see clearly! 

Sometimes, some situations don’t require ‘the now’ answer, it’s process! God knew how badly the Israelites needed a quick escape plan at that moment. It would not cost him anything to immediately dry the sea right before their eyes or even rapture them to the other end of the sea. But, He needs us to understand some concepts. We can’t be born today and become an adult the next minute. It requires a process. God is not a magician and he wants us to realize this from this bible piece. He performs miracles!


Ola B

A Guest Contributor for EnGw 

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