If Wishes Were Horses

It’s Freestyle Friday People…  And it’s Fabulously Freezing here at EnGw. I meant to say Fiercely Firing! Don’t mind my Oyinbo Abeg!  Today, we would be entertaining comments on the blog and giving gifts too!!! 

Here is how we’d do it!

Answer all 3 questions and stand a chance to win a Fantastic Friday Gift from EnGw… (I wouldn’t declare the gift yet,  but you can be sure we’d keep our word)

1. Who was Shade’s second lover in Damsel in Distress?

2. Who led the team that came to Nigeria to look for Uzodimma in Trials of Uzodimma?

3. Who was Mercy’s brother in Born to Die?

  • Type your answers in the Comments Section and MAKE A GIFT WISH! 
  • Get all three answers correctly and WIN A GIFT OF  OUR CHOICE… YES…WE COULD MAKE YOUR WISH HAPPEN…  😀


If wishes were horses, men would fly...  You never know, you might win a car! Waiting for your answers… All answers are here in our SHORT STORIES SECTION on the blog… Catchya!

3 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Horses

  1. 1. Shade’s second lover was Fred.
    2. Barnes led the team that came to Nigeria to look for Uzodinma.
    3. Michael is Mercy’s brother… I hope am correct


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