Born to Die (4)

Saturday is here… And we’re bringing you the beautiful story of Merciless.  In case you missed the last two episodes,  here they are 

Born to Die (1)

Born to Die (2)

Born to Die (3)

Let’s get to today’s story quickly. 

Eerrmmm, Sir, actually, initially, I didn’t know that they will kill him o. I just did what I want told Sir” the terrified receptionist said with fear of going to jail written all over her face. 
She told J and J how she had been contacted by Mrs Ibrahim to allow two men into her husband’s hotel room before his arrival. According to Mrs Ibrahim, they were to deliver a parcel to her husband. That was all she was told. When asked whether she recognized the two men, she did she did. They then showed her pictures of criminals on the Police’s Most-wanted list and she identified them as the first two men on the list.  She said they were dressed as delivery men and they had two boxes so she didn’t see any harm in letting them in when they arrived. And when Senator Ibrahim came, the two men left his room shortly,  saying Senator Ibrahim gave orders not to be disturbed by anyone except his female guest whom he was expecting. She had no clue the Senator was dead until the following morning when the Policemen arrived. 
One thing she did that helped Detectives J and J believe her was a voice recording on her phone. She claimed that she had learnt to do this whenever she was invited to Big Men’s houses. Now, they had enough evidence to tie the murderer down! 
It took six weeks before the court gave the final verdict. Mercy was vindicated,  and Mrs Ibrahim got the life sentence. The case got Mercy in the media eye very well.  Headlines had switched from “Ashewo kills Senator” to “Senators wife tried to set a poor girl up“. An NGO called Mary Ann Foundation located Mercy after the murder trial and gave her an opportunity to start her life all over again. 

You were NOT born to die
Mercy is married now to no other person than Clement  and they lived happily ever after 😀

PS… There’s always hope. Make the best of your situations! Light still comes at the end of the tunnel! 



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