Crowned Queen 


I am

the Crowned queen.

My hips never lie, so enticing.

With dozens of eyes on the alert for strange hands.

Armoured from birth, I give a false scare.

Fresh from the earth,

lively green from my birth.

When flattened in rows of circles and cones

I bear the tincture of a pale yellow sun.

A glance at me

I suggest hard work;

in between the lips, thy teeth need no great force.

No tongue can resist my double effect; a tale told

by my name I bear tragedy and good

On skin, tough and rough, it’s a belie- I’m a defenced city.

Sister to the coconut, jealously guarding our soft core.

For at a shiny cruel touch I bleed out a lot

my sweet juicy blood makes fingers better


Crowned beautiful queen.

Armoured from my birth.

I’m a Pineapple

By my name, I bear tragedy and good


Ibukun Abraham

A quiet lady full of words (and action); a follower of Christ

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