Correctional Slap!!! 

It’s Freestyle Friday, and today, we’d be exploring a very common “African” concept! It all started when a friend shared a short video on a Whatsapp group I belong to. Here is a link to the video

Slap of Life🤔!

So.  I got puzzled. Is this really a necessity?  Do children need to be flogged or slapped or beaten to be corrected? 

I as a person grew up in a home where beating was the way to correct an erring child. After all, they say “spare the rod and spoil the child“. 

Nonetheless, I think that doesn’t necessarily have to happen. A child can be made to see his/her wrongs without having to beat the child. I know some of you will say… “Ah,  there are some stubborn children o“. Yes there are, but no child was born stubborn and flogging has been shown to further harden such stubborn children.

Rather than focusing on the child’s stubbornness,  I think that looking into reasons for the child’s wrong behavior will help to understand how to best correct the child. 

But these are my own opinions anyways. 

The question still stands 

Should children be beaten when they do wrong? 

Please share your thoughts and opinions below!  Waiting to hear your worst childhood stories about flogging and beatings

It’s not only Yoruba mothers o! Lol! 



2 thoughts on “Correctional Slap!!! 

  1. The best way to train a child is by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and studying each child well. Sometimes cane, sometimes words, sometimes punishment, other times silence. Just be led and try not to compare children. My few thoughts on the matter.

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