Jail Memories!

If I could go back to when I was 10years old… 

I would do my homework after I finish playing this game,  I told myself

I would make sure I come first in class this term,  I told myself 

I wouldn’t bully my younger sister,  I told myself 

I would stop playing with that boy my mummy told me to stay away from, I told myself 

I would love to be an aeronautic engineer in future,  I told myself. 

Twenty years have passed and…

  • The assignments were never done!
  • I never came first in class!
  • My younger Sister is now married, but I still bully her all the same!
  • That boy Mummy said I should stay away from is now in jail!
  • And guess what… I… I helped fix the light in the jailer’s room yesterday. 

If only I had made the right decisions… Maybe I wouldn’t be here with my friend. 

Evil communication corrupts good manners! 100% of the time



…writing stories since Adam and Eve 

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