Madam, I no Do! 

Morphine! Morphine!  Doctooooooorrrrrr! Nurse!!!!”
I screamed my lungs out in pain. I wished for Death to come but it seemed that he was on holiday that weekend. Or maybe my village people had bribed him not to come to me yet because they wanted me to suffer the pain well. The nurse came into my cubicle and said in a gentle voice that I knew was plain hypocritical “Mr Tayo, we just gave you Pentazosine 30minutes ago,  and morphine an hour earlier… there’s a limit to these drugs you know” but I knew that the expression on her face was saying what sounded like “if I knock you! Are you the only patient here

Hi, I’m Tayo.  And I recently had a near-fatal accident that landed me in coma for days. Only to wake up and see that I’m still alive.  Sometimes,  I just wish I were dead!!!
I’m sure some of you are wondering why I’m so suicidal. Well, life pushed me to extremes. 
First it was my Boss at work. She said she wanted to date me. I’m a 29 year old young man and here was this 42 year old woman making advances at me. I politely told her off initially but after months of pressure, I had to quit the job. My friends called me crazy,  my colleagues at work wished it was them that had such opportunity. But what’s noble about me cheating with my boss? No way. I’m engaged for heaven’s sake! 
But the shocker came when I found out that the same woman had been threatening my girlfriend with text messages. I couldn’t believe that she’d stoop so low. Eeew! 
“Leave Tayo alone, he belongs to me!” “Don’t get into what you can’t handle” “You really don’t want to do this” Those were the kind of messages Madam Sylvia was sending Jenny. I knew that at that point, I was in for it. 
I then decided to confront her; to ask Madam Sylvia what her problem was. If she wanted to ruin my life,  her plans weren’t going to work. Afterall,  I’ve left her job for her. Which one is this unusual public display of aggressive affection? 
Little did I know that my life was going to turn upside down that day that I decided to go and confront her. All I wanted to tell her was to leave Jenny out of this. But wetin my eye see that day, even my mouth no for talk am!

To be continued… 

…writing stories since Adam and Eve 

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