Madam, I no Do (2)

Hi everyone, it’s Saturday and it’s story time again. If you missed the previous episode, here it is..

Madam, I no Do (1)

So let’s get to Part 2 quickly…


My colleagues at work were so surprised to see me. They thought I had come to beg Madam Sylvia to take me back on the job. Truly, I hadn’t gotten a job since I left there, and truly I wished I could get my job back. But Madam Sylvia made it seem like it was hell in that office and as the man that I was, I would rather make my fame elsewhere than be a “sugar-boy” to this lady. She had now crossed the line by threatening my girlfriend and I was going to give her a piece of my mind!

The Secretary said to me as I sat in the reception “Oga Tayo, Madam will see you now“. I walked boldly into her office like a rat entering a lion’s den. This was the same office she had invited me into on several occasions “just to have a drink with her“. I was shocked when I walked into the office and didn’t see Madam Sylvia on seat. My eyes scanned the entire office for her. I guessed she must be in the restroom as I heard the sound of the toilet flusher. I motioned to sit down opposite her chair as I waited for her to come into the office from the toilet behind me.

Then, I heard the toilet door open. I didn’t want to look at her, so I waited for her to come to her seat. She used to be my boss so I would give her the respect to start the conversation, afterall, I was in her office. Instead of her coming to her seat which was in front of me, I heard her footsteps approaching the door behind me and I heard what sounded like the lock of the door. That was when I looked back and saw Madam Sylvia standing at the door with a spray can in her hands… that was all I remembered.…

The next time I woke up, I was in the hospital.

Whatever happened in that office, I barely remembered but as I swung in and out of consciousness on that hospital bed,  the memories began to flood my mind vividly.

Madam Sylvia was standing at the door of her office wearing what seemed like a towel. She sprayed something at me and I became very drowsy. I remember her setting up a camera in the office and then removing the towel.

Wait! Did she do it? Did she rape me? My God! What have I gotten myself into? I remember walking out of the office so drowsy and trying to get a taxi back home, when a bike came and hit me into the gutter. That was the last incident I remember.

He would be fine, he’s just recovering from anesthesia” the doctor said as he stepped out of the room. I opened my eyes to see Jenny sitting beside me. I still hadn’t fully figured how I got here. She noticed my eyes were opened already and she drew near. “Tayo, are you alright..thank God you’re awake. You just had surgery for your injuries. Thank God you survived, Tayo“.

Jenny was my love, my life. I was so pleased to see her when I woke up. “…I..doing…here…Je..Jenny?” I muttered in pain. She just hushed me and held my hand with all the love in the world. Then her phone beeped. Jenny reached out for her phone in her bag and all of a sudden, her reaction to me became unusual!

Tayo, noooo! Tayo, you did this… Why, Tayo, Why?” I didn’t understand a word of what she was saying. What did I do? And then she threw the phone at me. I managed to pick it up from my chest and alas, there I was on camera, moaning softly under Madam Sylvia!

Jenny charged at me and started hitting me hard. She didn’t care whether I had fractured my ribs and my left leg or not. It took the nurses and the security men to get her off me. I was beginning to bleed again from the operation site in my leg. Soon, I lost consciousness again and all I remember was the nurse shouting “Doctor, Doctor, his vitals are crashing

To be continued!!!



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