The Valley Called Tomorrow!


Multitudes in the valley of decision,

Each never reaching any conclusion.

One carries worries round his neck

The other is weighed down by her fears

They’re all thinking and strategising,

But never reaching a resolution


Be careful not to go that way!

Traps and heartbreaks it holds, they say

Let us, instead, stay on this spot and wait

Wait forever and pray to heaven!


I lurked in the valley of decision

Tested its waters of illusion

Tomorrow I’ll start my journey

Above and yonder till I reach the hills of glory

I’ll ask the old man of his story

And the scholar of her theories

The young hunter will relay his ordeals

Their lessons are bound to motivate me


Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I’ll follow

the famous path to victory

I’ll blaze the trail making history.

But first, let me relish the cool caress of these waters

Until the day gives way to yet another


Procrastination is the thief of time. Make hay while the sun shines



Iriayomi Abayomi 

Guest Contributor for EnGw 

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