The Timing and the Attitude of Words

If you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all” so says an old adage. If there was a list  of things that can’t be gotten back when given, words will definitely be on that list.

Proverbs, a book in the Bible, has it written “a wise man keeps silent but a foolish man just keeps lashing out words” (Chapter 14 verse 3,paraphrased).

The  question now is if the horrible words we say were to make ugly tattoos on our faces, and the beautiful words were to give more life to our soul, would you live long or have an ugly face?

Words! As unimportant as you feel they are, they hurt more and faster than a punch from the best boxer in the world.

Time is  a necessity when it comes to words. The scriptures say “there is time for everything”. By extension, there is time to speak words and there are times when silence is all that is needed.

Attitude also matters in word expression. A good attitude passes the intended message in a calm way and a wrong attitude just makes a mess of it all.

Words are important, when you say it, where you say it and how you say it.



Guest Contributor for EnGw 

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