Madam, I no Do (4)

It’s Saturday again. And it’s story time😊. Yaaaaayyyyy.  Did you miss any of the previous episodes?  Catch up right away before going on to today’s episode.

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So let’s get to today’s story quickly…

Get out of here! I said get out of here before I call my lawyer” Madam Sylvia said while picking up her phone.

She was so furious to see me, but more furious to see that I had back up. Detectives J and J had a warrant to search her office. And Kunle was there too.

I had good backup


Kunle had been in my shoes two years back and had been referred to Dr Badmus for depression and suicidal ideation. Everyone had thought he was crazy, just like me. He was her secretary at the office and he knew she would often call men into her office for long hours. She soon decided to prey on him but she made sure to be clean about it. She drugged him so well that he wasn’t sure if it really happened or not. A week later, she fired him.

He had sneaked into her office that morning snooping around, hoping to find something fishy. He still hadnt recovered from the livid dreams he was having about him and Madam Sylvia. She came into the office just when he discovered the safe where she hid the camera. It didn’t take five minutes before the sack letter appeared on Kunle’s desk.


Dr Badmus called me to hold a meeting with Kunle and that was when we both figured out that it was the same woman who had sexually abused us. It was a really shameful thing to come to terms with but she wasn’t going to get away with it this time.

Within two days, we had reported her to the State Police and they were swift to respond. With a warrant in hand, two brazen detectives and two of the several men whom she had preyed on, Madam Sylvia wasn’t getting out of this easily.

And true to the letter, they found it just as Kunle had described. The safe where the camera was. It had recordings upon recordings of several men whom she had drugged and raped in that same office.

“Mrs Sylvia Adams, you’re under arrest for the rape of Mr Kunle Jacobs and Tayo Aregbesola” You have the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, a lawyer will be provided by the state. Anything you say can be used against you in the court of law” Detective James said to her as he handcuffed her. “I love this job, you get to see all sorts” Detective John said to his partner as they drove off in the Police van.” Detective James said to her as he handcuffed her.

I love this job, you get to see all sorts” Detective John said to his partner as they drove off in the Police van.





Madam Sylvia pled guilty to a two count charge of rape and is currently serving a twelve year jail term in Kirikiri female prison. She confessed that her boss once sexually abused her and that led to her seeking revenge on other men whom she had power over. She sees Dr. Badmus once a week for cognitive behavioral therapy.



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