Aafin Daru- A Palace in Pieces

Ayo abara tintin, the joy of the new born child! Such was the joy that filled my heart as I carried my son, Adejugba, in my bosom. I am Queen Oyatokun, the fourth wife of king Ademoluti the fifth of Ilugbayi, and mother to crown Prince Adejugba!  And I am here to stay!


Hahaha… She thinks because she has given birth to a male child, she is better than those of us who have been here before her. She would soon realize the curse of Adigun! The curse that drinks up the blood of every male child Ademoluti ever bore. The curse even I, Fatonke, daughter of the great Fagbemi, and third wife of the king has battled to no avail. Emi ti gba kamu ni temi. I have accepted my fate. What will be will be. Let me just be alive to look after my daughters, Ariike and Abeke. That is enough for me!


E gba mi o”  “Somebody heeeeelp!!!” “My daughter is dying!”
These were my cries as I carried the corpse of my daughter, Adetoun  in my very hands. I thought the curse of Adigun was only on the male children. Only for my daughter to wake up that fateful morning coughing up blood. “Ori Iya Mi o” See what I have become!  I, Orisabunmi! Omo Adimula! Aaaaahhhh.  Ademoluti, why did I marry you?  You told me you would pursue your first wife from the palace and make me queen. Now I’m childless! Aye ma n’ika o. This life is just wicked!

L-R: Oyatokun, Fatonke and Orishabunmi


They called me a man!  That my inability to conceive was because I was a man and not a woman! Ademoluti, o de ri mi ki o to fe mi o!  You saw me before coming to pay my bride price! Is this how you choose to pay back my years of love and support for you?  By marrying other wives because I couldn’t bear you a child? Am I God to manufacture children? 

Oda, kaka ki eku je sese, a ma fi sawada nu ni! I’d rather waste your children than bear one for you! I will show you that I am Adigun! The man you claim you married! Oh,  you thought I was Ibidapo. Isn’t that the name my mother gave me? Yes,  but since you decided to label me a man, I will then show you what a man can do! Little did I know that loose lips sink ships. Those empty threats I made are what they now call “the curse of Adigun“. Even after my demise, they wouldn’t let me rest in my grave. Eleda mi, ja fun mi. My creator, please vindicate me and clear my name.


Ooshadipe, Ooshadipe, how many times did I call you? I keep seeing Ibidapo in my dream saying the same thing over and over! And now I’m afraid for my new born Son, Adejugba! Hmm!  Ooshadipe, ma wo mi niran bayi… ” King Ademoluti spoke in a tearful voice.

“It is an abomination for the head that wears the crown to shed tears. Kabiyeesi. The gods say that Ibidapo has nothing to do with the recent happenings in the palace. In fact, I can see her face in my divination pot here, Kabiyeesi. She is smiling at you from heaven. She holds no grudges against you, except for the obvious reason that you pursued her from the palace. She has no hand in your predicament, Kabiyeesi” Ooshadipe responded with the calmness expected of the Voice of the gods.

And so whose hand is responsible, Ooshadipe? First it was my sons, now my daughters are dying like sick chickens? My enemies are closing in on me Ooshadipe. Adejugba is the only reason I have come here. Ask the gods if he would outlive me, or I should go and marry another woman that can bear children that don’t break like broomsticks”

“Kokoro ti n je efo, idi efo lo wa, Kabiyeesi. The gods say that this is a problem that is closer to you than even the very crown on your head. But,  Adejugba would live to face many health troubles. The gods are not sure if they want to give the king any information that will…”  Ooshadipe said before being interrupted by the King

The gods are not sure ehn! The gods are not sure! Ko siyonu. Tell the gods that when they’re sure, they should let you know. Rubbish!” King Ademoluti marched out of the shrine in anger. Even Jangbodi, his guard couldn’t keep up with the king’s pace as he sped in the direction of the palace. “Kabiyeesi, we came with the chariot. Ori Ade o gbodo ma fi ese rin. It is improper for royalty to trek to the palace, my king” Jangbodi said cautiously, so as not to further arouse the angered king”

“Ori Ade o gbodo fi ese rin” said Jangbodi to the King

PS: The palace is on fire as trouble looms. King Ademoluti wouldn’t rest until he comes to the root of the matter. Why is he losing all his children? Whom did he offend? Even the gods are not helping matters! 

Find out more next time on the blog. Until then,  fingers crossed. Let’s hope this palace wouldn’t crumble to pieces before Saturday! Catchya!



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