Broken Hearts

One more time“, he begged.

“Let me be your hero, one more time 

Let me charge in and save you.

 Let me stop the rain and make you smile again. 

Your eyes are red,

Soaked with bloody tears.

My heart quakes because you won’t let me in. 

One more time

 let me share your world with you,

 let me take your breath away. 

One more time

 let me be your Superman, 

damn the cost,

 I’d catch a grenade for you. 

One more time

 let me take away the pain.”


With tears in her eyes and grief in her heart, no words could drown the sorrow she held within. She summoned the closest  smile she could find; fake or real. And then the words flew out like swords our of rusty scabbards!


How can you stop the rain 

when you’re the source of the pain. 

You light me up 

and bedazzle me with your words 

but then you remind me 

that love is just a word that crashes hopes. 

One more time be the villain.

 Be the beast that hides 

and runs back to its castle, 

because this titanic is already halfway the bottom of the sea. 

Be the prince charming that never came!

One more time, 

take your empty words and walk away


Will you take back the one that hurt you just so you can get the comfort you long for?




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