A Chauvinist’s Letter To The 21st Century Woman!

First,  let me make this DISCLAIMER clear! These are not my personal views… This is just a reflection of views I have seen and feel should be shared. And yes, I’m a guy… So ladies, feel free to fight me after reading this! 

Here are a few things we the 21st Century guys feel we should address at such a time like this…
1. We want you to be hardworking! Yet, we want you to be a homemaker!  How you do both,  well… Isn’t that what you people always scream when you say “women are better at multitasking”?

2. You must be beautiful! Yes, we want the right curves in the right places. Not all those “beauty is in the face of the beholder” things. Real beauty that can be flaunted to the world! Package yourself if needs be. But we don’t want deceptive wigs and makeups o! Be natural and beautifully so.

3. You guys can be very annoying! Complaining everytime! And very difficult to please! Can life just be simple? Must you complicate everything?  Even colours! Which one is sky blue, Turquoise blue,  burgundy brown,… All we understand is black and white… No Shade’s of grey please (pun intended)

4. Everything is not about money!  Please! If, or when we’re broke, try and understand our pocket size and be considerate. You don’t want to push us to go and do money rituals because we want to buy you Gucci bags or take you to the moon for vacations.

5. Finally… Even if nobody has taught you how, be adventurous! Especially in bed! We don’t always like to have side chics and all. But sometimes, the boredom at home pushes us further away…

6. Second finally… Plsssssssssss…. Stop nagging. It’s really really really really annoying. Some ladies can nag about virtually anything! It’s not our fault the devil is black or that Trump has a big mouth and poor Twitter manners… Must you blame us for everything?

7. Final finally!

Just a little respect here and there and we’re good to go. You know how egoistic we can be already. We’re not asking you to lick our feet or worship us like Virgin Mary, but… Cut us some slack!  Give us that little respect, especially when you’re wrong,  say sorry!

Do all these and you can be sure of one thing! We’re all yours forever!
With Love,

From an Anonymous Male

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