To my Unborn Child  

I thought of what would define my perfect day and I thought of you. No ice cream or strawberry-coated cake could ever duplicate the feeling when I first hold you in my arms. You, with eyes filled with stars and heart filled with grace, are my unborn child. How so much I love you. How so much I would adore you. 

 For I will welcome you with all I have. I would cry when I first see you cause I can never be ashamed of you. For that day I’ll be both your father and your friend. If you are a girl,  I’ll be your first earthly lover. I’ll tell you stories of how I met your mother or my first birthday or my first love letter. Most especially I’ll tell you about Christ. If you’re a boy,  I’d be your best buddy for life.

 Your smiles would be my secrets, your tears would  be my tears and your laughter would be my song. 
For you I’ll work hard, for you I’ll fight, with you my sadness would take flight, with you i will fly. I’ll watch you grow and when life knocks you down I’ll remind you of the hero within. 

Every problem is a lesson but it doesn’t mean you have to learn alone. I’ll be there for you. I’ll lock up kings for you, and drown oceans if you ask me to. 

 When you are eighteen I’ll buy you a watch to remind you that life doesn’t last long and death isn’t permanent. That I won’t be there forever even if I want to. Life doesn’t give anything unless we accept it. 

I’ll remind you that heroes don’t hide, they work hard. That if you can’t beat them you get a bigger stick. And when you birth your first child, I pray I’ll be there to see the heavens that filled my eyes in yours. 

There are certain things that I ignore, there are certain things that I adore, but one thing is sure, even when the devil trys to play tricks on us I’ll forever adore you. You, my unborn child.


Stanley PJ
A Guest Contributor for EnGw                                                     

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