Yaaayyyy…  I smell Christmas already!

Isn’t it lovely? December is here again with its lovely vibes. Harmattan, Shopping and increased prices, holidays around the corner but most importantly, it’s that time of the year again when we all feel like we need to open our scorecards. 

Yeah. You know, we get to assess our performances, look at how the year has been and begin to plan for the next year. 

Well…  For me, I guess the most beautiful thing about December is CHRISTMAS 🎄. Yep. You heard me right… 

Christmas is coming 

The geese are getting fat

please put a kobo

in the old man’s hat

Now that’s one nursery rhyme I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. 

If you’re like me who hasn’t gotten any plans yet for this Christmas, then why don’t you join me in the EnGw Christmas Challenge?

Well, it isn’t anything serious o…  It’s just basically doing something special in preparation for Christmas… And as you all know that this blog is dedicated to great content, here’s what the challenge is all about

1. Write a beautiful Christmas Poem (not longer than 15 lines) OR 

2. Write an awesome Christmas Story (not longer than 700 words) 

3. Send it to contact@engw.blog on or before 15th December 2017

And you could be our lucky Christmas gift winner! Trust us when we say there’s a Christmas gift… No jokes this time around

Start writing… There’s a Christmas gift waiting for you

EnGw says… Welcome to December  

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