Two Same, Too Different

A cool December Saturday deserves a story with intrigue and taste. And that’s what EnGw brings your way this evening… Enjoy


The Sun once said to the moon, “I shine better than you“. Little did the sun know that the moon was the Queen of the night. This was the kind of love Taiwo and Kenny shared since childhood. Rival Love!

Taiwo and Kenny had been rivals from Childhood

Let’s start with Kenny. I know Taiwo is said to be first but lest we forget, it was just a positional variation and nature gave Taiwo the steering wheel at birth.


Kehinde Omojuwa. Impulsive, fierce but a soft girl on the inside. She was Daddy’s favorite for one single reason. She had his dimples. And Daddy never made it easy for Taiwo one bit. He showed his favoritism for Kenny so loud that the deaf polar bear in the zoo at Baltimore, Maryland  could hear it loud and clear, even from the Omojuwas residence in Ikeji, Lagos.


Kehinde was the kind of girl that you could call a “snitch bitch”. Never for once did she step up for her sister Taiwo whenever she could. Her philosophy for life was simple “Every woman for herself“. She always claimed that though she was a twin, she was also an individual and that mattered the most above anything.


But lest you begin to think that everything about Kenny is terrible, let’s quickly mention that she donated half her liver to keep her dad alive. When asked if she could have done it for her sister, her answer was as plain as a pikestaff. “Never!” You want to know why she had such a disapproval for Taiwo?Well, we’d get to it soon.


Taiwo Omojuwa. Beautifully naive and indubitably compassionate. Taiwo was the kind of girl that you can call your “ride or die babe”, always willing to lend a helping hand when she could, even if it was for her sister. “We’re blood anyways” she’d tell you. And true to her word, Taiwo loved Kenny with everything.


Once they were preparing for a test that Taiwo knew Kenny wasn’t even ready for. Taiwo offered to swap names on their answer sheets and helped Kenny pass. And what did she get for it? “You know how much I needed an A, Taiwo, you could have done better than a B” was Kenny’s reply after they saw the results on the scoreboard. Taiwo got an F in that subject thanks to Kenny. But it didn’t matter. “We’re blood, and that’s everything” she said to herself.


The line is about to be drawn…

Remember “the Sun and moon” analogy? The two sisters never seemed to agree on one thing –who was better. They always argued and fought and settled. The love was never there, but was never lost either.


Little did the two daughters of Chief Justice Michael Omojuwa know that all it would take to cause a rift between them that even Jesus might find difficult to settle was a fine young man..  Joseph Harvey! 

To be continued



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