Two Same, Two Different (2)

It’s a beautiful Tuesday and we continue with our wonderful story Series. Should you have missed the first episode, catch up quickly right here

Two Same, Too Different (1)
Let’s get quickly to today’s story



I’m a sapiophile, and Joseph, he’s my Prince Charming!” Taiwo wrote in her little diary. She was so drawn to Joseph’s intelligence that she didn’t know when she found herself writing about him in her diary. This was her safe haven from the world’s distractions. She had kept that diary since high school and only got to share it’s contents with her mom and dad. Not even with Kenny! She had her own diary too and it was “sister code” not to pry into each others diaries.


Such physique and strength, he’s my macho man” Kenny wrote in her little diary. She had always watched Joseph at swimming practice. His fine body was unmatchably sexy. Kenny liked the fact that he was single. She had done her background check on him well and soon she was plotting her way to have him look her direction. Her plans were structurally orchestrated and the only person she shared it with was with her diary. No soul had access to it. Not even Mom or Dad. Not even Taiwo.


Joseph Harvey. A fine young man of mixed descent. His mother was Nigerian but his dad was Scottish. He was a fine blend of both and his choice to study in Nigeria was not in any way circumstantial. It wasn’t because his parents were divorced or anything. He chose to come to Nigeria to study because he wanted to learn more about his mother. And of all courses for a Britain-raised boy to come and study in the University of Ibadan, it was Yoruba language. One would think that he had his priorities misplaced. Did he just want to waste four years of his life knowing about his mom?


Call him confused for all you can. He stood out always. Think of an Oyinbo boy in Yoruba class and there you have Joseph. He was the talk of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Every girl wanted to be his chic. But Joseph had one thing that worked for him. He was annoyingly focused and had learnt the art of friendzoning ladies before he came to Nigeria. Having had his heart shattered twice from previous relationships, he knew well enough that he wasn’t in for any girl on coming to UI.


Hi, I’m Shade”   “Joe, I’m Rebecca but my friends call me Becky”   “Hey Joseph, I’m Tiwa, and I’m very good at Yoruba, if you ever need help”. No day passed without an advance from one girl or the other. The more they came, the better Joseph got at zoning them. “Oh, it’s such a pleasure to meet you” was his usual answer and nothing more. But there was one lady that stopped Joseph Harvey in his tracks. Taiwo Omojuwa. He secretly adored her and knew she did the same. But there was too much in the air and knowing that her sister was interested in him just pushed him off completely. He wasn’t ready for World War II.


Kenny began to feel suspiciously jealous. She had caught Joseph and Taiwo staring at each other once on the Tennis court and she knew that her chances were being sabotaged if she didn’t act fast. But just when she chose to shoot her shot, the day she decided to “woo” her “boo”, that was the day Joseph decided to let his guards down. He approached Taiwo and poured out his heart to her.


It was in the Faculty quadrangle. Taiwo was just blushing as she listened to Joseph Harvey. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The prized Joseph Harvey decided to choose her of all the girls on campus. She didn’t hear a single word of all he said. All she saw were his pink lips coming close to hers and she drowned in that moment, wishing it would never end.


Taiwo!” Kenny shouted “the driver is waiting”. The kiss ended abruptly and the fire of love was ignited. If only Taiwo knew that this fire was going to burn more than any fire she had ever lit in her life.


To be continued



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