You used me

to get what you wanted

I never wanted in on any of this

Yet, Now I’m stuck with you

All because I gave you the one thing that mattered to me

My heart!


You were my energy

You fueled my fire

And then all of a sudden

You blew me out

I depended so much on you

That I was nothing without you


And what did you do?


You betrayed me

It didn’t cost you a blink of an eye

You cut me out in a second

Just because I wouldn’t compromise my stand


Well,  Listen up, Mr Boyfriend

I’m no hooker

And you’re not getting into my bed

Not for your love or your seductive tongue

I’m not letting my guards down


I’m waiting

And if you’re not ready to do the same

Get the heaven out of my sight and

Take your love with you


I don’t want leverage

I don’t want investment bankers

I don’t want solicitors


All I want… Is.


It’s always worth the wait



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