Hard Talk… For the Eyes

It comes as a printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement. It’s what many of us have used in the past or even still use currently! It’s Pornography. Now don’t run away. Please read to the end. 

Many of us have been in this bondage for years without knowing how to be delivered. We visit pornography sites at the corner of our house and make hypocritical comment against someone outside. We have prayed times without number about it,yet we find ourselves going back into it. We can speak in tongues, sing in the church, we even preach and lives are blessed yet we are battling with this secret sin. 

How does it grow in our lives? A voice will tell us to watch little at first, we forward the film, look left and right to check if there is anyone that will catch us watching it. Then we go back to it this time around watching it slowly. The moment you start, it takes the God’s grace to stop.

I remember vividly few years back on one of my birthdays. It was just after having my quiet time, andthe next thing I resorted to was porn. I knew that I was doing the wrong thing but I kept on doing it. When I sat down to reminisce how watching pornography started in my life, I noticed that it was during my secondary school days. 

Some pastors are victims of pornography. Worse still, even children are now being lured into it. 

I remember about few weeks ago that I saw children’s pornography online. I was shocked. No wonder the children we have around us have been defiled. There is hardly a day that I read news online without seeing a rape case between an adult and a child.

If you need a list why pornography isn’t good for anyone, then here is that list 

  • It makes you to lose self confidence.
  •  It disconnects God from you.
  • It leads to broken homes. You will notice that some men complain about not being satisfied by their wives.  Some of them are porn addicts, they want to practise all the things they see in a video clip and they don’t know that some of this porn stars are addicted to drugs. At the end of the day, they become unsatisfied with their wives. 
  •  It leads to diversion of destiny. 
  • It leads to masturbation which, ends up with a sense of guilt and a feeling of loneliness. 

Have you ever been free ever since you watched that sex clip? Pornography has been designed in such a way that it will satisfy your thoughts when you are watching it but makes you feel guilty.

But it’s getting even worse now. You don’t need to watch a porn movie to actually see porn. Most of the songs we listen to are pornography induced.

Some people will tell you that they use it to learn sex skills. Have you been satisfied with the sex skills you have learnt from that video or frustrated and depressed? 

Looking for some stepwise solutions? Then here it is 

  1.  Ask God to forgive you. 
  2. Pray that God should deliver you from the sin and bonds of pornography.
  3. Study the word of God. 2 Tim 2:15
  4. Filter your thoughts. Phil 4:8, 1Cor 10:5
  5.  Avoid Bad companies 1 Cor 15:33, Prov 1:10
  6. Have someone you can confide in and that can follow you up. James 5:16.

In the words of a great teacher of mine,  “You can’t stop a bird from flying over your head,  but you can sure stop it from making a nest there”

Put a gate to your eyes. Set your eyes right

It’s possible, and you’re not alone

Don’t form holier than thou attitude. Have you been struggling with this for years,  Jesus is right there by your side, ready to save you. He is ready to repair your destiny. Move closer to him.  Call upon Him. 




… saying God’s mind. 

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