Two Same, Too Different 3

Hi everyone. It’s a beautiful Saturday evening and it’s story time again. And if you missed the previous episodes, here there are

Two Same, Two Different (1)
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Let’s get quickly to today’s story…


“You’re just being jealous because he came for me and not you” Taiwo said in anger as she sat next to Kenny on their way home. Adamu, the driver, had learnt the hard way not to get in between the sisters whenever there was a feud. “You don’t know this boy, Taiwo. He’s using you to get what he wants” Kenny said, hiding the smug on her face “First day he’s kissing you already, maybe next week you’d be pregnant for him. Don’t play dumb Taiwo, Joseph is a playboy and you know it” Kenny continued. “Don’t you see the way all the girls on campus are flocking around him? He’d use you and dump you” Kenny added in an hypocritically caring tone.

And for once in her life, Taiwo believed that her sister was on her side. They got home in one piece and stepped out of the car holding hands. Even Adamu was surprised to see that. Taiwo decided to let Joseph Harvey go. She thought to herself “if truly he loved me, he wouldn’t have taken advantage of me by kissing me on day one. And if truly he’s my man, I’d let him do the work to get me. I’m not cheap and I wouldn’t sell myself out that easily”. Gradually, Taiwo kept a distance from Joseph over the next few weeks. And guess who took advantage of the situation? You sure guessed right! Her twin sister, Kenny.


Kenny had always been witty when it came to getting what she wanted, especially if what she wanted was the same thing Taiwo wanted. She had always wanted to beat Taiwo to it at anything and would go any lengths to get that done. She quickly got a hold of Joseph’s timetable and his lecture venues. She also did her homework well. His best color was blue, he loved roses and Yoruba was his passion. He had issues with a particular course, Itan Asedaye, the previous session and had to retake the course this session and she knew that if she wanted to get any close to him, that was her opportunity. In no time, Kenny had pulled some strings to deliver red roses and a blue birthday card to the man of her dreams. “From a secret admirer” was all she wrote on it. But it sure got to Joseph’s heart. And he thought It came from Taiwo.


Joseph Harvey wasn’t a man who let his heart out easily. He had shared one of his best moments with Taiwo at that quadrangle and was willing to spend every minute of the rest of his life with her. But the funny thing was the more Joseph looked for Taiwo, the more she withdrew herself from him and the more Kenny took bolder steps towards letting Joseph know whom his mystery lover was. Then came the day Kenny got the nerve to execute her master plan. Joseph had a presentation at the faculty and had printed his papers the night before. It was to write a fictional story on the gods about creation from all the Itan Asedaye materials, the same course he was resitting and he would do anything to make a good impression before the lecturers this time around. He was studying at the reading room when a young lady walked her way to his table offering him what was the most beautifully written Yoruba story on creation he ever read.


Kenny then brought out part two of her weapon of Joe-seduction. It was the same red bouquet of flowers she sent to Joseph on his birthday. “I’m your secret admirer, Joseph. And I’d do anything to be with you”. The night ended with Kenny achieving her ultimate plan-planting her own kisses on the lips of Joseph Harvey. And this time,  there was no way it was going to last for just a few seconds. Joseph didn’t know why struck him. Still gripped in the arms of a beautiful damsel who was willing to do anything to get him, he recalled he had told Taiwo he cared about her three weeks back. He quickly withdrew from the two-minute long, passionate “lip service” and apologized awkwardly to Kenny.  “it’s okay, Joseph” she said. “I’d see you tomorrow after your presentation. I’m sure you’d do well” she added as she walked away from his table.


It’s one thing to have to choose between two sisters. It’s another thing to have to choose between the woman you want and the one who wants you. And for Joseph Harvey, he had both dilemmas running through his head all night. 

To be continued..



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