Two Same, Too Different (4)

TalesbyTuesday is here again. We continue Taiwo and Kenny’s stories with Joseph Harvey. Just in case you missed previous episodes, catch up quickly with the links below. are

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Let’s get quickly to today’s story…
Kenny… What’s up? You’re glowing unusually” Taiwo asked suspiciously that evening. Kenny just waved it off without raising any further suspicions.  “It’s nothing Sis. Can’t someone just be happy?” she said to Taiwo.

Ogbeni Joseph Harvey, se o ti se tan lati so itan re fun wa?” Joseph saw the sarcasm in the eyes of the Professors that sat on the panel. The same professors had failed him last session just because they felt he was too white to understand Yoruba and he was ready to give it to them this time and he sure did.  Kenny’s story was ingenious. It was so commendable that one of the professors stood up and gave him a round of applause. “Omo wa lo jé. Omo Oyinbo ni ę lootó, sugbon okan adulawo lo ni”

Ogbeni Joseph Harvey

Ese pupó Sir” Joseph told them with his Scottish accent as he walked out of the auditorium. He was brimming with so much joy that he didn’t notice Kenny standing outside the auditorium. She called out his name to get his attention. He rushed to her and enveloped her in his arms with those powerful biceps that Kenny had longed for forever. He was so grateful to her that he didn’t know when he gave her a forehead kiss while she was still in his embrace. “Thanks Kenny, you saved me in there. What do you say, let me pay you back with lunch tomorrow afternoon” Joseph asked. “I’d take that as you asking me out on a date, Ogbeni Joseph Harvey?” Kenny replied with a grin on her seductive face.


And so began the love relationship between Joseph Harvey and Kenny Omojuwa. Truth is, Taiwo got wind of the affair within a few weeks. She couldn’t believe her ears initially but as the forgiving sister she was, she “gave her blessings” when Joseph finally asked for Kenny’s hand in marriage two years later.


But Taiwo never really got over it. It was obvious that Kenny tricked her into letting Joseph go back then so she could have him to herself. And Taiwo never forgave her sister for that. She was going to make Kenny pay for this. But Taiwo needs a plan, afterall, revenge is sweetest when it’s delayed! 


Watch out for the final episode on Saturday.

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