Purple Carrots and Red Bananas

Take a chill pill

Swallow your pride

Breathe and live

‘Cos you’re not a leader!


See, the flex of power

The show of authority

The muscling of ego

Only makes you a “ruler”


The truth hurts

You are not a leader

And you can never be one

In this life, or in another!


All you have is a secluded office

Big agbada and a chip on your shoulder

A seat of excessiveness

Saying to yourself “I’m now in power”


See,  a ruler-

Preys on the people’s insecurities

Takes away basic amenities

Never provides job opportunities

And only comes back begging for immunity


But a leader-

Loves, and never imposes

Helps, and always embraces

Cares, even for the masses

Judges right, damning consequences!



A needle in a haystack

Diamond amongst pebbles

A purple carrot

And a red banana

Such is the scarcity of leaders

But they exist. And we must find them!




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