Christmas Specials from T. As

I’m so excited to share with you the best of the best Christmas Poems I’ve ever seen.

This very first one is my favorite. Though the judges did their ojoro and picked another poem as winner instead, this particular poem got me on my toes clapping. Taiwo Amodeni really did pour out her heart into her poem.

Here it goes.


Under the mistletoe I sat

As I watched Christmas on a mat 

Mary and Dave put up the stockings

Phoebe and May busied with the cooking and baking

Pat watched Tim crawl

James! a voice called down the hall 

I peeped out the window, 

I saw the children blowing and throwing, all glowing in the snow 

Ivan wrapped the lights round, 

Ella handed over the decoration

Odette sang a song, Santa just might come around

With all this merry going around

Flick! We stared, as the lights on the giant tree shone bright 

Oh! What a great Christmas night.

By T. A

Whao… Amazing, ain’t it!

This second one was the winning Poem. Trust me when I say it is a spectacular one. I give it to the judges, they sure saw through Talabi Afolakemi’s words and said.. She deserves it..  Here it is fam.


Can you recall the hush of Christmas past?

The sonorous tones of church bells,

The echoing chimes over the cold snowcapped mountains,

It’s Christmas! Let your spirit sing freely and loudly,

Sing oh ye nations welcoming the birth of our saviour and  baby king,

On this night,the star was so beautiful,clear and shiny,

Fulfilling Gods very promise and His hope to mankind,

Grace filled with good tidings as we dance on wings of joy,

We all now celebrate in great happiness,love and kindness,

Faith always enters carrying his guiding torch high and proud,

Encouraging man every step of the way on his long journey,

Christmas is forever and you must never shut this door,

Always keep the Christmas spirit and share with people far and near. 


By T. A

From all of us at EnGw. We say do have a great Merry Christmas…  Love y’all. We’d leave you with Tayo Abikoye’s Poem.  Splendidly superb. Enjoy.

My Christmas Poem 

Oh! How I love this colourful time of the year,

Red, green and white all over the place.

I can feel the breeze in my knees telling me that special season is here again.

Sweet and wonderful melodies sweep in my face and make me want to sing.

Oh! That aroma of sumptious and delicious delicacies all for this special season,

The best part is I get to enjoy all these with my loved ones and friends,

This celebration all started because a saviour was born.,

“CHRISTMAS” is that special season and it’s here again.

By T. A

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