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Dear EnGw,
Is there really love out there? Does it exist or is it a sort of thing people do to just make themselves feel good about another person? I’m 24, I’ve had 2 previous boyfriends who’ve shattered my heart literally. They were worthless pieces of scumbags who just wanted to get into my skirt and fled the way they came as soon as they did. I trusted them because I thought they “loved” me. The moment they got what they came looking for, the love disappeared. I see a lot of beautiful couples on social media and I just wonder if they’re deceiving us all or there’s some true love somewhere in those smiling faces. There’s this guy who has been really nice to me recently and has been making moves to be a “friend”. I already know what he wants (to be my boyfriend and all) and honestly, I really like him. But I’m just afraid he might be like the others. I’ve tried to play hard to get for the past few months but he’s been persistent and nicely so. I’m just scared of opening up my heart once again. I’d really appreciate your advice on what to do.


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3 thoughts on “Heart to Heart

  1. Dear Emmy, you’ve got so many questions. But we want to assure you of something… There’s LOVE and it’s real! Those previous guys didn’t understand what it is and to be honest, a lot of people need to understand what love really means…
    As regards this new guy, do your best to study him well before you open up to being his friend. And be willing to love too. Love is a two-way process.
    We really do hope you’d put the past behind and we trust that you’d be fine.
    Above all… Be careful with your heart. Don’t get broken again.


  2. Dear Emmy,

    Pls guard your heart and love yourself. I advice you set godly standards for your lover that way ur heart and body is kept safe. Above all talk to God abt these guys he really knows them better and he wud direct your path. There is true love out there, I jst pray we broken ladies find it


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