Heroine 2

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We conclude HEROINE our story today. but should you have missed the first episode, here it is for you to quickly read

Heroine 1

Now to today’s episode

Ma’am, we’d have some good news” Dr. Nola said. Amina’s journey since she first noticed the mini-spurtings had not just been an emotional one; it also took it’s toll on her body. Chemo took away her hair, eyebrows, body fat and everything that made a woman beautiful. Sometimes, she wished she wouldn’t need to blame Abdullah. But she now knew better informed.

Cervical cancer was her worst nightmare. It shattered her life, marriage and future to pieces. The good news was that she was now in remission. Womb gone, eyebrows gone, husband gone, freedom gone! Abdullah pressed charges and got her arrested. She began her clinic appointments from jail and that was where she met Dr Nola who noticed her countenance and involved the clinical psychologist. Six weeks of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Amina began to see life differently. Regrets were replaced with a sense of debt to society; to women like herself who were naive and could do something early enough.

By her 8th month in jail, Amina had written her life story and with Dr Nola’s help, she was able to publish HEROINE: a Prisoner’s Life with Cervical Cancer”.

Amina now advocates for cervical cancer awareness, from jail. Her jail term still extends over the next 5 years but she isn’t giving up one bit. She’s determined to make the best of her circumstances.

Abdullah and Tanya got married and now have a baby, Simon. Tanya visits Amina every two weeks in jail. Abdullah approves of it, but Amina hasnt added him to her visitor’s list yet.

Dr Nola is managing the funds being generated from the sales of HEROINE

Are you a lady in reproductive age? Have you had a Pap Smear done to screen for cervical cancer? Amina sends her voice from jail saying “Get Screened and Vaccinated Today!”




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    1. We’d keep working at making our stories more engaging, Mriganka… Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your thoughts. We really appreciate them


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