The Invisible 404 (2)

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The Invisible 404 (1)

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The LAPD is working in close contact with the Special Intelligence and Tactics Team (SITT) to uncover the gruesome murder of Miss Maria Price, a 29 year old cashier at the Royal Ink Bank which was robbed earlier yesterday afternoon. We are live at the residence of Miss Maria, where the forensics team is currently scouting for any evidence that might help track the killer. It is very probable that her death might have had some connection with the bank robbery. That’s the news for now from Channel 4. Lewis Hamilton, reporting

Sam watched as his fame was fast rising. Over the next few hours, the streets of New Orleans would be filled with gossips and rumors and fears of the Invisible 404. He would lay low now, and let the police chase their own tails. Nothing would ever lead them to him as he had covered his tracks meticulously,not leaving any strand of his DNA at Maria’s house.

DCI Hansen knew that the only way to catch this 404 guy was to enter into his mind. Why the attachment to 404? Was he an attention seeking psychopath or was this a vengeful expression of repressed hatred for Maria? And why Maria, of all the workers in the bank? What exactly was his motive, that’s with the general assumption that the killer was a “he”? Hansen went round and round in circles all day, hoping to get a call from the forensic lab that there was a speck of DNA that could help put a face to our man. Dr. Sreekanth called in at noon, finally! Cause of death was a stab wound through her upper chest that went across her heart. The wound matched the knife found at the scene and the only DNA on the knife was Maria’s! But it was obviously not a suicide. She was a lanky lass who didn’t have enough arm power to inflict such a wound on herself. The knife was placed in her hands postmortem.

DCI Hansen knew he was staring at a blackhole and the more he contemplated on what to do, the angrier he got at his frustration. The Invisible 404 seemed to be achieving his motive. To make himself a “killer not found”. That was when it occurred to Hansen what 404’s motive was. Media attention to his mysterious nature was what he craved for. And the more the media made him look invisible and un-findable, he would continue to strike. Hansen felt like he had hit a jackpot. He called a media briefing immediately.

Within less than 24 hours of rigorous investigations, we wish to inform the general public that we have found the mystery-man! The LAPD wishes to let the general public know that he is currently in custody and there is no reason to spread the fear anymore. We use this medium to express our sincere condolences to the family of Miss Maria Price whose life this criminal took cold-heartedly. Once again, we reiterate that he has been caught and we are charging him to court first thing Monday morning. Thank you and God bless”.

The media briefing

Hansen heaved a heavy sigh as he took this crazy risk of feeding the media the wrong information. It seemed right when he first thought about it. Deprive 404 of the glory of robbing the bank and killing Maria and hopefully, he would make an irrational next move that will lead the police to him. Now, after giving the public a false sense of reassurance, a halo of guilt hung over Hansen’s conscience. What if he had made a wrong move? What if 404 was a more calculated murderer than he thought? Hansen drove back to the station to face his superiors. He had taken this move without permission from higher quarters and he knew the consequences of it failing was his job on the line.

As Sam watched the media briefing in his ramshackle of a hotel room, anger and resentment began to form like hot potato lumps in his throat. Who was this police officer trying to rob him of his shine? Within twenty minutes, all TV stations were demystifying the Invisible 404 already. Some even called him a “societal misfit and a coward“. The infuriation Sam felt was immeasurably surmounting that he didn’t know when he left his room and went to the police station to make a confession.

DCI Hansen had barely arrived at the SITT headquarters when he got a call from downtown that there was a man claiming to be 404. The attending officer said he sounded crazy initially, saying that whoever the police had caught earlier was the wrong person and he was the real Invisible 404.
Yes, it worked! I gotcha” Hansen thought to himself. “Please detain him till I arrive” he said to the officer over the phone.

PS: Sam Whitaker was convicted of robbery and murder in the first degree. His lawyers tried to make an insanity plea to avoid a death sentence but the presiding judge didn’t budge. His hotel room was found to contain hard evidence of his planning of the robbery and multiple pictures of Maria. Further investigations revealed that Sam had once dated Maria in college but she left him for another guy. The state of California sentenced Sam to death by lethal injection after a two week trial.



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