Bridges, not Walls

You built a wall, and say it’s for protection
Little do you know it worsens the separation
I tried to build a bridge
You burnt it down with your silence

You asked for Space and Distance
My most feared ghosts
I then saw time and chance
Create the gaps I feared most

I asked
What did I do?
You smiled
What didn’t you do?”

I pleaded
Not knowing my sins
You got offended
How can you be so blind to what you’ve done?”

Now, were miles apart
Now you call me your ex
I only drifted for a second
And now you don’t even read my text

You say you’ve moved on
You say you’ve given too many second chances
You say “Love isn’t foolish
I thought we planned forever together

Now seems so unreal
We were once best friends, partners even
Now, we’re worse than fire and water
The chiasm between us gapens
All because we didn’t get a chance to sit and talk it out.

I’m not asking you to come back
I’m only asking you if you ever loved me.

Love is forever
Not foolish, but forgiving
Maybe if you gave me one more chance
I’d show you that I’m still a mess, but a better one now

I’m not perfect, and I wouldn’t claim to be
But please allow me show you, that I’m willing to be
Perfect for you
Let’s build bridges
Over those walls that divide us

Bridges over walls



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