Heart To Heart 2

Dear EnGw

What’s wrong with me? I feel like I’m not good enough, like there’s a part of me that’s broken, or should I say incomplete.

I’ve been struggling with self esteem since time immemorial. Growing up, I knew I wasn’t as brilliant as my younger sister. She had a way of making me feel inferior. And my parents always compared me to her, using her as a yardstick for success. She’s doing fine business wise now, and here I am still struggling to put my life in order. I’m 30 and I have no real job, no real friends; just people always asking “where are you now” “what are you doing now” and all those questions that make me feel like a failure.

Heaven knows I’m trying hard to make ends meet. The country isn’t particularly helping matters. I’ve gone from interview to interview and I’ve just given up. They say they don’t take graduates with 2:2. I even tried to set up a business, somehow, it failed. It’s as though everything I touch just melts into liquidation.

To be honest, I feel like I just want to end it all… But I heard killing oneself is painful, Plus, I don’t want to be remembered as the guy who gave up on himself. But, nothing just seems to be working. I’m tired, honestly!


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3 thoughts on “Heart To Heart 2

  1. Dear Henry,

    We appreciate the fact that you’ve taken time to ask for help. We want you to know that you’re not alone. And no matter how bad things get, suicide should never be an option.

    That said, we want you to take some time to sit and look closely at what you enjoy doing. It could be a hobby, a skill, a talent, whatever. That’s the key to success. Doing what you enjoy and making people pay for it.

    Truth be told, the economic situation in the country is tough; but there are many young men and women like you who are pushing hard everyday to make things work. Don’t give up. Hope and help is on the way.

    Most importantly, you might need to talk to someone (physically), say a professional, to guide you through this phase. This too will pass, Henry. Just hang in there.

    Much Love,


  2. Dear Henry,

    You are you. There is no other you in Dis world .

    Believe in God – he wud c u thru

    Believe in urself – u can do it

    Don’t be lazy

    Pray more

    Change ur circle of friends – u need good vibes, lots and lots of motivation

    This is just a phase, it wud pass so don’t worry be happy #wink


  3. Dear Henry,

    It seems like you are trying too hard to meet other people’s standards for your life. It’s your life. You have to enjoy it and be comfortable in it. About your job, you have to do something you enjoy and never be afraid of starting small. It might take a while but you will surely succeed.
    Remember God, believe in yourself. Everything would make sense.


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