All Doctors have Bad Handwriting

Okay… So I’m writing today on a very honest topic. I’ve heard so many people complain about their doctors and say all sorts and I’ve had it up to my neck. As a doctor, I’m speaking out to all and sundry, patients and doctors alike. Here are a few complaints that have been brought to my notice about doctors

1. They all have bad handwriting
This is a BIG generalization problem. I agree that some doctors write like chickens but not all doctors. In fact, I know quite a number of doctors whose handwritings would make you want to just fall in love with them immediately. Don’t ask about my own handwriting! It’s terrible, and I know; but you see, the problem is we’re always in a hurry when we write and because time is very crucial in our work, every second counts. We plead for mercy, but don’t worry of you can’t understand our handwriting -the pharmacist does! 😁

2. They’re emotionless.
Who says! Is it because we don’t run at the sight of blood? Or is it because we somewhat act like Superman in the patient’s presence? Please, look beyond our white coats and see the person inside. We’re humans too and we’ve got feelings. An absence of expression shouldn’t be concluded to mean stoneheartedness.

3. They shouldn’t fall sick!
Even a mechanic’s vehicle breaks down. The plumber’s pipes do burst, and the doctor’s body is not immune to illnesses. The fact that we’re constantly in contact with illnesses makes us even more susceptible to communicable diseases in particular. Many doctors have contracted viruses through needle stick injuries. But leaving the work environment related illnesses, we’re humans, remember and humans eat, sleep rest, and fall sick! So please, show us some love when we’re down rather than asking the rhetoric question “Do doctors fall sick”

That’ll be all for now. Remember to “treat” your doctor like a human being at your next visit . We are not gods or superheroes, and we don’t know it all either!

Dr Osunlusi Olufemi

MBBS Lagos

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