Tee’s Passing Fancies

Hi, I’m Tee and I’m yet to see that person who grew through childhood and teenage years without the “Crush” experience. Yes, that person you really liked and thought about all night. That person that gave you butterflies in your tummy. Well, I was looking for a synonym for “crush” and google said “passing fancy”. I find it an apt description of what we all go through. One moment you really like the person and the next moment, the feelings are gone.

Well, I’ve had my fair share of passing fancies and I’m going to be sharing their stories with you. I hope you enjoy.

Note: I’m officially engaged now! So no more passing fancies 😁

I met R in Primary school. We were in Primary 4 or so when I began to like her. Call me whatever you like; I just know that she was my first ever crush. What exactly I liked about her, I honestly don’t know. Maybe because we were seat partners, we just jelled. I’m guessing she should be married now tho’. She really had a cute smile and our purple uniform then just makes her look royal everytime I remember her. Honestly, if not that I was just 7 years old at the time, maybe we’d have started a relationship. You never know

Dee was slim, with a nice gap between her upper incisors that just made you want to kiss her right away. She was smart and engaging. But we were barely 15 in Senior Secondary School and the attraction was just too intense for me to control. Being the me that I was, crawling into my shell wasn’t my thing. I’d rather confront a situation than run from it. So I acted irrationally. Teenager style. I walked up to her and told her never to talk to me again. So brash and unmanly of me; I didn’t care about her feelings. Or maybe I did and didn’t want to hurt her. Looking in retrospect, she was a good girl who liked me and I just was too immature to handle it. Thank goodness I’ve grown. Phew!

Cy was a pest to my thoughts. I couldn’t get my mind off her! Pardon me for using such a word to describe a lady but she literally appeared to me everywhere, even in my dreams. She was the new girl in class who just got transferred from another school and so It was expected that all the guys in class would be hovering around her. All except me, of course. Ironically, it was the same me who had zero interest in her that she came looking for. She literally was always in my face. Maybe I was her passing fancy, who knows. My friends began teasing me with her name and that was when I just knew that I had to do something fast. Teenage sense activated and I saw myself avoiding her consciously, which is very unlike me. It was at that point that the feelings began to soar in me. Long story short, avoidance therapy worked and the butterflies in my tummy soon went the same way they came!

I’d leave it off here for now… There are more, but before you people tag me a Casanova, let me get going.

All in all, I’ve learnt that feelings come and go. Our decision to love and commit to one person is what matters the most.

From Tee

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